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Could you tell me where I can buy the coir Monty uses to make his own potting compost
yvonne1, I believe he is talking about coconut coir, and you can buy it at just about any place that sells potting soil. A lot of applications where peat has been used can use coconut coir. It is better for the environment because it does not depleat peat bogs. It is made from coconut shells, I use it in my worm composting bins. It is a lot cheaper than peat too!
Not every can find and use Mole Hils
Hello there fellow gardeners!!! Can someone let me know what I can do with my seedlings I decided to put the seedlings in a bedroom that is not used, they shot up and now seem to be very leggy even though I had then at the window, they are day lillies and seem while long to be growing a second set of leaves. The first leaves seem quite big. Are they gone too tall, can anyone advise happy gardening!!! Emily
Maybe a video on leggy seedling and what to do with them would be good!!!

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