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I suppose this method applies for lavender cuttings too ? As far as I can see the guy started out from dry compost ? I followed every single step of this interesting video-project. However, a few of the leafs of the cuttings are turning blackafter one week. Any suggestions ? Keep on the good work !
is lemon balm also known as lemongrass?
What was in the compost please ? vermiculite? perlite?
grant12 wrote (see)
is lemon balm also known as lemongrass?

Hello Grant - Lemon Balm is a totally different plant to Lemon Grass

This is Lemon Balm

and this is Lemon Grass

Lemon Balm is very easy to grow and spreads quite quickly.

I grew some Lemon grass from the pieces you can buy in a supermarket and it can be grown from seed.

Hope this helps

Pam x

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