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Everything I read says to prune June to July but that is when the tree is really heavy with fruit so I would be cutting off a lot of the plums. Can't I wait until after fruiting which would probably be end of August?
We've pruned our plum tree as late as September, with no damage so far, although we used Seal and Heal on the larger branches. You can cut off the thin leggy branches in summer, they don't usually have any fruit. I've also read that you should prune off any lower branches too.
sandra f
I planted a young victoria plum tree in april and would like some advice about care and pruning. It is only about five feet in height and is losing its leaves although there are buds forming on the top branches. I would welcome input thanks
my miniture plum tree has grown quite tall some fruit on the middle of tree but really needs pruning not sure where to start no plums on the long new branches
I planted a Plum tree last year but no plums. However, we have lots of plums this year but do we prune some of the new growth while the plums are still green or do we wait? Im a first time plum lady so any advice is appreciated. :)


I have dwarf apple, pear and plum trees which I bought 2 years ago as bareroot. I potted them into large pots and this year have planted them into my garden. They have all done well and have a small amount of fruit coming (I have thinned out the fruit on the apple). What I would like to know is how and when I should summer prune either or all of the trees. The plum especially has lots of soft new growth. Many thanks, kind regards Val
A Rivers Early plum tree planted 20 years ago against a West facing brick gable end is now 15-20ft high. It is roughly fan trained. It is a prolific fruit bearer. The foliage has migrated to the top of the tree. Last year it was so heavy that it pulled away from the wall and almost bent double so I pruned the top drastically at the end of harvesting (mid Sept). I was hoping this might encourage the lower ends of the 5 main ribs of the fan to produce new growth but of this. Any suggestion?
Like Jimbo we have a Huge Plum Tree & Even bigger Damson Tree. No idea how old they are as they came with the house we bought almost 2 years ago ! The Plums come in their 100's & they are so yummy. The Damsons hardly had any until we cut off some of the big branches now this year we have far too many to keep up with. My problem is they are far too big & want to cut them right back before it gets to the point we can't do anything. Would it be ok to cut back all the top branches ?
I planted my Victoria Plum early this year and all it has on it is leaves!! It's about 6ft tall and looks pretty pathetic to be honest. When will it fruit and do I actually have to prune it if all it's done is grown leaves on the few branches that it has?
Is it OK to prune plum/greengage in moist weather?
last year we had lots of plums, this year none why is this?
Alina W

Some plums take alternate years off, so you should get plums next year.

Pruning in wet weather - definitely not, because you run the risk of introducing fungal disease.

Pruning generally - plums are not pruned regularly in the way that, say, apples are. pruning just encourages more growth, so should be restricted to removing damaged or weak branches. They are big trees, and pruning won't change that, but make it worse.

I have a mini orchard in large pots I.e pear .plumb trees they have not produced any fruit this year ,both trees are aboutb.3 year old . What's gone wrong

Peter, it depends on when they flowered.  In my area it was very cold and wet when my apples and pears flowered, so there were no bees around and I had very little fruit set.  No bees = no fruit, unless you hand-pollinate them.  The other thing is feeding.  Fruit trees grown in pots need feeding regularly, as they soon use up what was in the original planting medium.  RHS advice on that is here:

my victoria plum has only fruited every other year.  Is this normal or does it need some kind of feed. Any ideas?


Plum Trees

i have a wall trained Plum tree with lots and lots of Plums on them. Can I prune the new thin branches to keep the shape whilst the plums are new and growing, or should I wait until Plums are fully grown.


I bought a two year old victoria plumb tree last year, it is full of plumbs, two of my branches are near touching the floor can i cut them when the fruit is gone, and how do you prune in june when its got fruit on it. Thanks Janet.

I have a small victoria plum tree, which is 2 years old, it has a lot of fruit on it, but two of the branches lost all their leaves and the fruit turned yellow and shrivelled. Now the other 3 branches (which also have fruit on them) the leaves are starting to turn yellow and some of the fruit is yellowing and are not going to get any bigger or fill out. What is wrong with my plum tree? The tree is planted in a large pot not the garden.

i have a victoria plum about five years and never had a single fruit,this year not even a flower,my Braeburn apple is just the same--i wonder what i'm doing wrong?


You need to prune the long new growth as it starts to harden. Doing this will encourage side fruiting spurs to form.

We have no fruit this year on our plum or greengage thanks to the cold wet spring, I assume! Trees look healthy, though. There's always next year!