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Well worth watching now i know where i've been going wrong. Thanks.
my video was not honeysuckle or pruning
Where is the honeysucke info? It's all about hellebores!!
a useful video but i was expecting "how to prune honeysuckle!" not " how to cross pollinate hellebore's!" Doesn't matter though still very useful!

Well, if that's how to prune honesuckle I've definitely been doing it wrong all these years 


As much as I love and admire Carol Klein . . . where's the Honeysuckle video?
This was a video of Carol pollinating Hellebores it was not pruning Honeysuckle.
Daniel Haynes

Apologies for this everybody - the error has now been corrected.



plant pot mad

do i still prune my honeysuckle only plated it this year there all new flowered really well.just started to die back.thanks for any help you can give thanks.

plant pot mad

                            Title (opt):                        identify blue flowering plant
How does this apply to Honeyberries, which is edible Honeysuckle? I have Tundra and Blue Velvet and Kalinka and Blue Moon and Berry Blue and Sugar Mountain, and want to get a good crop of berries from them. Advice? Thanks!

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