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Should I do this even if my shrub is young? As all the stems seem green It flowered profusely this year and I don't want to do the wrong thing for next year.
This is the first time I have actually understood which stems I have to cut out - the WOODY ones! Previously, once the flowers had faded and disappeared, I didn't have a clue which ones I had to prune as there were no longer any flowers to guide me. Thanks.
i have a very over grown 'woody' Mexican orange blossom in my new inherited garden.. it really needs cutting back as it is starting to block my front door!! can i cut right back to bare wood? as it is only the outer part which is green as it has been very neglected!
What's the best way to prune an overgrown, neglected quince bush? It is quite old, I think, but flowered beautifully these last few weeks. Just moved into this garden and would love to give it a fresh start.

What season do i prune quince ? not pruned one before dont want to make a complete mess of it . Thanks



Immediately after flowering this spring and up to mid July.    You can cut out obviously dead or damaged stems any time when they're not frozen but leave the healthy branches till after flowering and then thin out stem or cut back to shape according toy your needs.

Don't leave it too late as the new growth needs time to harden off before the frosts. 

Catkins110, yes you can cut choisya.....your Mexican orange blossom.....hard back into old wood. Not yet though, wait til it warms up a little....say march to April. New growth readily comes from such pruning but give it good feed after. Spring flowering shrubs should be pruned as soon as flowering is over removing all flowered shoots. It's good too, usually, to remove the occasional old wood to ground level

 Catkins 110 you should prune your Choisya immediately after flowering, it will then regrow from the old wood. If your lucky you might get a 2nd flush of flowers but if not this yr then certainly next. I have a lg Choisya bush which had got a bit out of hand & I have pruned it back into the old wood & it is now got new growth on it. 

And choisya offen layers itself so check it out for more plants.


Think Catkin might have already pruned the Choisya - the query was four and a half years ago....

When is the best time to prune a Smoke Bush?

now or earlier 

Doreen, if you want the flowers then prune alternate branches but, for me, this is a foliage shrub and the best foliage is achieved by hard pruning annually.  Dont leave it much later as you will simply check the growth of new shoots.  

I also pinch out leading shoots twice or more during the summer.  This makes a noticeable difference to foliage colour and density of bush  

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