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My sweet peas are outside, but I did it in stages which is the key. They should be ok in the plastic greenhouse. Dreaming about gardening is lovely.

not always in a good way think im driving my kids mad lol, i know i will just have to learn as i go along, and already learnt not to overwater them as only have a few that have survived, i just thought plant everything in spring and everything will be fine but now i know its a lot harder, realised now autumn is time to plant too, then its about cold frames? can plastic green house act as one or i do have a brick shed with a window and even a spare bedroom if i need it for plants in the winter or is that daft idea of mine ?


Not daft at all, when I visited my parents their spare room is like a greenhouse, they had potatoes chitting, geraniums resting and they were storing apples in there.

My plastic greenhouse blew over this winter, so I have invested in a cold frame. Plastic greenhouses are good at bringing on plants early but not great against a truly hard frost.

Gardening is a massive learning curve, the first year is the hardest but after that only gets better.

I've always done my garden but as my kids are up now I have more time and also have took time from work as I was unwell, my plastic one blew away last yr too so bought 2 this yr, one thing I have found canny is using ice cube trays with kitchen roll and can see seeds coming up then transplanted then into soil, as I've lost tray of seeds cos they just haven't came up so this way it's working well, just popped them in freezer bag and on top of fridge freezer some came up in days. What I'm finding hard is when to put in ground outside, I've got morning glory growing good in greenhouse but my neighbour put hers out few weeks ago but they just died x

I have not even sown my morning glory yet, they catch up really fast when it warms up. The longer I do this I appreciate each individual plant needs slightly different timing. The only seedlings I have put in the ground so far this year are sweet peas. Everything else is still indoors, in a cold frame or still on the patio.

Seeds are so exciting.


I need to stop being impatient, in greenhouse there grandiflora morning glory Lupin baby's breath echinacea purpurea foxglove lobelia and sunflowers on kitchen units there's forget me not to be planted out in autum also pansy and sweet William I not planted yet, shall I bring any back in?

Morning glory are the only ones I would worry about.

Think I will bring them or put in shed, they getting to about 6 cm now.
It seems i have done everything wrong when sowing my seeds and now i have long leggy seedlings, especially the sweet peas. Does anyone have any tips to help please? i started my seeds off in the airing cupboard in the dark, they've had water (not too much or too little i think). They are now in the bedroom in the light. They have only the top tiny leaves at the moment. really want to have my own bedding plants this year. Thanks

Started too early-sweet peas need treating harshly-yours are molly-coddled-get them in the green house-do you have one?-to harden them off

As regards the rest-it might be best to start again-but you have to provide the right conditions to grow them on -a bedroom windowsill does not provide that

They need good light

All may not be lost though -at the pricking out stage bury the stems up to the first leaves-it works for some plants

Bunny ...
.....should I not start my sweet pea off inside then Geoff ?

They dont need a high tempeature to grow Bunny-David always says around 10C to germinate-and then treat them mean

Bunny ...
Ok I shall be brave this year and trust you on that... Will start indoors up in Baltic north to germinate then take them on holiday to greenhouse , eeeeek .
oh, I love these tips about growing seeds- but my seedlings sometimes die off before I get a chance to pot them on! :(

Please help me with regards of successful seedling growth, thankyou
linda Sweatman. 😥

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