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Thanks for the info, it is a great help. What of the beans in the loo rolls, you never went any further. Why loo rolls? Do they get planted out in the loo rolls or must the young plant be removed from the loo rolls first>?
Hi Anneho When my seeds have germinated in the propagator, I then remove the covering from the seed tray for about a week, then remove them to the greenhouse bench (after turning up the heat in the greenhouse to approx 50F). Suppose a windowsill indoors will do the same job. This seems to have worked a treat in previous years.
I have an unheated propagator which I keep in the Greenhouse, when seeds have germinated I just put them on the staging until they are big enough to either pot on or put out. This is my first time growing from seed, but this method seems to work for me.
Good tip about the copper tape! How do you stop the compost from escaping from the bottom of the loo rolls when watering?
I grew my sweet peas in empty toilet roll tubes for the first time this year & I wondered the same myself, but once stood on it's end watering is easy and no compost escapes from the bottom. I presume that when ready for planting there will be enough roots to hold the compost together and avoid the whole thing dropping out of the end. I am going to do sow my beans the same way this weekend.


I found this piece on sowing seeds interesting,as i am new to gardening.My husband has just bought me a heated propagator, im not sure how to use this,i guess its going to be trial and error. I bought some seeds today,im going to try and see what happens. Lesley
I have a heated propagator but now my seeds have germinated I would like to know when to remove them from the propagator?
Plant the beans in the loo rolls, the roots will find their way out of the bottom, so you don't need to disturb the roots at all. Also, I find that by putting a bit of self-adhesive copper tape around the top of the loo roll, you will keep the slugs and snails at bay during the time that the plants are so vulnerable to attack, that is, when they're young and tender. And eventually the loo roll wil rot down and disappear. It's win-win!
Lots of helpful advice above, I will take it onboard and see how it goes ...... quite new to this gardening malarky but love learning & seeing new growth :)
Germinating seeds tends to be the easy part, its the aftercare that gets tricky. Keep them warm and in light at 7-10C and pot'em up in 3"pots when seed leaves are big enough to handle. Greenhouse with heat is too useful here. I would not bother with planting in a seed tray as above. Minimal root disturbance is useful. Good luck, enjoy and never quit if it doesn't go to plan first time.
I sowed some seeds indoors but unfortunately was called away on a family emergency. Some have germinated with very elongated seedlings. Are they still usable if I prick them out and plant them deeply so just the seed leaves are above the compost?
This is my first year for propagating wildflower seed using both pots/trays. Unfortunately, on most occasions there has either been no life or minimal life that has subsequently dies after only a very very short period of time. Each time, the pots/trays have been placed in the conseervatory and I can only assume that it is simply too hot in here! Does anyone have any suggestions please?
when to sow summer anuals
denise butcher
can i use normal all purpose compost to sow seeds?
I have grown from seed in a propagator some Pennisetum glaucum. Most seeds have germinated but I wasn't paying attention and seedlings are now over 4 inches. Every time I try to take them out and leave in the conservatory they wilt and fall over. I have put them back in propagator on window ledge, very hot there now. What should I do now?? Regards Cliff Robinson


I live in Sunderland and new to sowing seeds, when I have planted seeds, do I keep them indoors or can I put them in plastic greenhouse x

This will depend to some extent on the seeds, some hardy annuals will be happy to go out to the green house now, if you have small tender seedlings they may need a few more weeks of protection. What you do not want to  do is give them a shock as this will set them back.

Can you say which seeds you have sown?

hi ive done sweet pea sunflowers babys breath foxglove thats a few x


They are hardy and can go out as soon as they are big enough. Try to think of the pests out side and how your seedling will cope .

well they in plastic greenhouse now so is that ok but i know we due frost at weekend,thanks for advice im even dreaming about bloody garden, ive got lots of aquilegia but didnt plant till spring so they be for next yr x