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This is my first attempt with sweet peas and thanks to the comment about too much heat, my seedlings have gone leggy, will see how they go!
Have tried cardboard tubes last year for my sweetpeas but found tubes went mouldy any advice for this year please Tracey

I live in the Coldest North ( Aberdeenshire ) and I've been growing Sweet Peas for years...not for exhibition, just because I love them.  For years I used to fiddle and faff around, soaking, freezing, 'chitting' the seeds; planting them on, nurturing them, planting them out in toilet roll containers...they were a right pain!  Last year, due to lack of time, a very harsh winter and an arthritic pair of knees,  I planted the seeds directly from the packet into a lovely huge terracotta pot, placed a metal obelisk into it, and just left them to fend for themselves, although I did give them a 'drink' when the weather dried the pot out a little.  They came up within weeks, the mice couldn't climb into the pot to eat them, nor could the rabbits, and they just grew and grew and twined themselves around the obelisk and were fabulous, right through until the first frosts.  Keep picking the flowers - the more you pick, the more they produce!  I'm hoping for the same rate of success this year, and I hope you have the same!

I grew sweetpeas for the first time last year, plenty of leaves but no flowers, not a single one! I did put canes in and I did pinch out the tops, any advice please?

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