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last year i cut my wistera wrong so this year i had hardly any flowers, hopefully this time imight get it right!
I pruned back last year and got no flowers at all. I stuck to pruning back to two buds, etc. but nothing. However, it is a wild green mass at the moment and needs a good trim back - what am I doing that means I hardlt get any flowers?
Help needed..

I have a really wild wisteria with dozens of shoots then ore than add some against my garage on a pagoda.. the pagoda is rotting through but the wisteria is so wild I can't get in to replace it..

I don't want to kill it but it needs a severe hair cut..
David K

I wrote this a long time ago and still have it on file:


"Wisterias can be left unpruned where space allows, but flower more freely if pruned in summer and winter to build up a spur system.

August: Shorten-back current season’s shoots to 30cm (12in). This allows more sun to get to the wood, encouraging flower-bud formation.

February: Shorten-back the summer-pruned shoots to within 2.5-5cm (1-2in) of older wood or two to three buds. It should be possible now to distinguish the plumper flower buds from the slimmer growth buds.

Long, whippy shoots that grew after the summer pruning should also be pruned. Cut these back to five or six buds from the main branch, making the cut just above a bud."


I think that's the general gist of it!





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