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Sorry, I have asked this before but cannot find the reply. I planted some Lemon pips and three grew. They are now quite large and sitting on the kitchen windowsill. They need to move! I'm bothered that I might kill them by doing the wrong thing. Can they stay inside and if so how large would they grow? Do they need sunshine or would they be happy without it?
I have a coral cactus which has been happily growing for 3 years. This year it has sent up a dozen or more long shoots which have roots. I am trying to make new plants but when I plant the rooted shoots in pots (still attached to the main plant), they die. What should I be doing??
how do i take cuttings from strawberries?

Sonia you dont-strawberries will send out runners about now-just peg them down into a pot and they will root they will even root into soil without pegging down.

I have a Satsuma grown from a pip it is about 12 inches high and bushy - it is about 4 years old and lives in my sun roo  -  this year it has had three small oranges on it  - but one fell off about three months ago  -  I just treat it like any other indoor plant  -  also have twolemons about three inches high  - this years pip planting.


Steve 309

Hi Olive

Lots of questions here but not many answers.  Try this one:

If your melon plants are only a few inches high now, I fear it's too late for this year.

The usual thing is to sow them in the spring, ideally in a greenhouse, but a conservatory or bright windowsill would do, in individual three-inch pots.  When they have two true leaves plant them in their grow-bag, large pot or border in the greenhouse/conservatory/outside somewhere sunny and sheltered.  Give them something to climb up.  Pollinate them by hand if the're indoors.  feed and water copiously.   Suppport the fruits.  Eat them when they're fragrant.  Worth the effort.

Oh, and I'm not sure whether seed saved from a melon you bought will come true. If you want to be sure of decent fruit I should buy a packet of seeds.  Charantais has worked well for me.

No idea about citrus I'm afraid.

Citrus aren't really ideal house plants as they dislike the hot dry atmosphere of the average house.

If you are growing them from pips, let them grow on until they reach a couple of foot high.

Put them outside during the Spring/Summer/Autumn.  You can purchase specialist Citrus compost and fertiliser if you don't trust your own.

Once they have reached a decent size if you have a g/h they will be fine there in the winter ( well...depending where you are located of course ).......fleece protection  should see them ok.

my pips grow well in sun room in winter and outside from May till October tehy seem quite easy to get going to me  thanks for your help

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