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24/11/2011 at 15:29
Sorry, I have asked this before but cannot find the reply.
I planted some Lemon pips and three grew. They are now quite large and sitting on the kitchen windowsill. They need to move!
I'm bothered that I might kill them by doing the wrong thing.
Can they stay inside and if so how large would they grow? Do they need sunshine or would they be happy without it?
09/06/2012 at 08:37
I have a coral cactus which has been happily growing for 3 years. This year it has sent up a dozen or more long shoots which have roots. I am trying to make new plants but when I plant the rooted shoots in pots (still attached to the main plant), they die. What should I be doing??
15/06/2012 at 20:09
how do i take cuttings from strawberries?
15/06/2012 at 20:16

Sonia you dont-strawberries will send out runners about now-just peg them down into a pot and they will root they will even root into soil without pegging down.

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4 messages