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I wish Sarah had her own gardening programme.
Hi, I want to save some of the video projects on local disk since the net congestion makes it hard for me to follow the instructions in tits and bits. How would I do that? your suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks Raman
good infomation will use in futer
The Manic Slughunter
So easy to follow-new to gardening and totally hooked and will be waiting to see if my cuttings 'take' fingers crossed:) (I did the lavender cuttings 4 weeks ago and they're doing really well...such a help these clips:)
Thankyou, that was very informative. I am going to give it a go.


thinking that big is better for years i gloried in enormous masses of tubers-then the experts at swan island informed me that in fact single healthy tubers produce the best plants now usually in the third year i surface plant them in perlite and when the sprouts are three to four inches tall just snap them off pot them and throw the old tubers away-smashing dahlias ever since
how long do you leave it before potting on

i  heard the same as david spikes, but this year i am saving the old tubers and see if they do anything, i love to experiment. my husband will say your not going in greenhouse again!

roket31-pot on after new growth starts-dahlia shoots really do seem to need bottom heat to root unless you have a warm greenhouse sort of environment

I don't like the way she screwed the leaves off, causing a lot of cell damage, also she inserted the cuttings leaving the leaf node above the level of the compost.
Also I notice she avoided showing taking a cutting of the tall plant, which at that height probably had a hollow stem.
I can not see a vidio
Hi Did you save dahlia to video, if so how did you do it.

To save / capture the video.

Get rid of Internet Explorer and download Firefox. Download and install this add on for Firefox. Follow the instructions.


Great advice from Sarah. Will definitely be giving this a go with my Dahlias.

I didn't see properly where she cut the leaf stem off near the base.  Is it okay to slice a bit of the tuber off with your chosen leaf cutting before potting ? 


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