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where do I find out how to take clematis cuttings please?
Help my daughter bought me a beautiful Hydrangea two years ago. Last year it had three or four lovely blooms , this year although the foliage looks very healthy, not one single flower. It is at the back of the border,next to the pond, facing east. I have not pruned it or given it any special feed. Anything I can do to help?
Very useful, as the majority of the books do not give detailed advise. It is some time since I came back to your site as I seemed to have problems in saving items, so hope to use it more often now.
Excellent article but even better to use a bigger pot and put a transparent yoghourt pot in the middle; surround with compost and proceed as in the article. This way you can see how many roots have grown and judge when to pot on easily.
regarding the hydrangea - the plant should be fed once a week and not pruned until the spring. the feed could be any well-known plant food, but should contain phostragen for production of flowers.


I would like to know if I can take cuttings from wall flowers.Because I have just spent 2hours taking off the side shoots from some old plants that were just forming seed pods.Half I put in small pots after dipping in rooting powder ,the other lot are sitting in jam jars with water ??????????????? will any thing happen or not
It would be useful to have a follow-on article about how to grow these cuttings on and the best way to encourage healthy root growth after they root. This can be the tricky part, getting them established to to the point where they can cope with life outdoors and giving them a suitable feeding regime.
How do I take cuttings from Salvia Patens?

It is a tender perennial in this country but is easily raised from seed each year-if you want to take cuttings and over-winter them you will need to protect them-do it around August/September time

The project is very good info for gardeners. I feel details of timing for cuttings in reference to climate zones would help gardeners globally

As a new gardener I found this article just the thing I needed.  Many sites and magazines seem to be for established gardeners and sometimes don't give the basic info.  How often do you water? from the bottom or the top?  I planted some seeds this year which came up and then died off again. Quite disheartening really but I'll keep trying.

some idiot has managed to trample all over my "this season planted" sambucas last night while relieving themselves on the way home from the pub in an area of may garden which has open access!
ive tidied up the plant this morning, cutting back the trampled sections with nice clean cuts... but I'm looking at whats broken and left over, and it seems such a shame to just ditch these healthy stems to the compost heap... is it too late to make softwood cuttings from the remnants, and if not... how do I do it? I love the foliage of this plant and would certainly find other places in the garden it could be used.
Victoria Sponge

I can't find the video break23 - there is one for semi ripe cuttings with (I think) Chris Beardshaw, was that it? If so it mentions penstemon and 'anything you think won't survive the winter like pelargoniums and salvias...'

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