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maura murphy
I have stones and underlay carpet down on my front garden but a dandelion has managed to grow next to my hydrangea how do I remove it please without hurting the Hydrangea thank you

Bit puzzled-but if you cannot dig into the soil then use a weedkiller-is that not an option?


Bruise its leaves a little then dab it all over with some glyphosate gel.  That won't harm neighbouring plants 

Hi, What is that thing call he is using..... a kirpy? Any ideas anyone? I would like one but I cant find it anywhere online :) x x
He talked about carefully weeding the dandelion but he then quite clearly simply cut it off leaving the taproot in the ground. In my experience this results in a dandelion sending up multiple stems in the same position.



That was a very small dandelion - little more than a seedling - it wouldn't have a very deep tap root.  

One wayI've tried with dandelions is to sprinkle  a little salt into the centre of the plant, easily done, the catch is  that it has to be done in a dry spell.If you don't think it will rain  overnight  give it a try!

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