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when is the best time to trim conifers?

Early spring smiler


I'm glad you said that Verdun, it gets me out of going out in the next few days to trim my small leylandii hedge. (I inherited it with the house)

Oh, except for that small Leylandii hedge that Artjak's got......hee hee hee


That's right, Verdun - we all know that small leylandii hedges like Artjak's can ONLY be pruned while it is pouring with rain and blowing a hoolie.  It's something to do with the particular biology of that species.  Foul weather essential.  

Happy New Year everyone!





Also the only way to prune leylandii is to the ground, with a chainsaw.   I recommend "encouraging" them with a stump grinder afterwards.


Totally the best treatment Bob

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - so the saying goes.......They are great if you have horrible neighbours - I love them

Can I prune all my trees now or are there any that should wait till spring?



Verdun and Rosie, I've only just got back to this thread. Sadly the sun is shining and it is warm; so won't be trimming the hedge

The year before last we had a week of warm weather at the beginning of the year around about March, ( I think that was summer that year) anyway I had a guy in to lop some serious footage off of our trees/hedging - no browning or any sign of stress. I think as already mentioned early spring will be fine.

Thanks Verdun : )
any advice for pruning hydrangeas?

Leave it until the spring then remove old blooms, cutting back to a pair of fat buds.  If the plant is congested then take out some of the older canes from the base.

With my client's roses, I used this deadheading method during the growing season. This method actually helps the plant grow more actively since you are directing the energy flow.
With this method, his rose were able to survive until late September early October in Southern Wisconsin, USA.

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