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Do the same rules apply to a wisteria that I have trained into a standard?
Coming to the end of my first year in this garden. The Wisteria on the house wall flowered beautifully, but is a writhing, tangled mess, growing across windows and behind drainpipes. Wish me luck !
I have planted a wisteria 3 years ago and not seen any flower could you advise further as its gone wild last year I cut it back, this year it has got thicker but still no flower
Our wisteria is over 8 years old and we've had mixed success with pruning this way. Last year we had no flowers at all and I don' really know what to do next?!?
I have tried several times to grow Wisteria, with no luck. Can you give me clues? I live in Jerusalem, the rocky hills of the Jordanian desert.


I will follow your instructions on pruning the wisteria and hope that it flowers this year! Its 3 years old now so fingers crossed!!!
I have 3 wisteria's but one gives plenty of leaf groth but only a very few flowers any idea's
Adam, I strongly disagree with your tip! Wisterias grow quite quickly so every year ALL the ties should be replaced. Never use wire ties of any sort, use the thin green twine and have it in your pocket precut to about 10cms length. In your other pocket have some cut to about 20cms for thicker stems. Put the twine round the back of the wire support, then cross it before tying in a double knot. Do not ever wind stems round and round wires, trellis, etc. as it will either strangle itself or break the trellis! See my 250ft long wisteria at
I have great succses with my wisteria, the secret... go with your instinct if it is sticking out too much cut it off, if it looks untidy, tidy it up cutting off the straggly bits with no buds on them and shortening all others to a managable length, do not feed it, treat it mean... Good luck

That photograph looks very like my wisteria - even the bricks are the same! It manages to break its wire support structure on a regular basis, and currently seems to be holding itself up by magic. It's set off round to the front of the garage now, and is clinging on to the garage gutter - probably not a good idea, I'm sure, but it flowers beautifully every year. I think I'd better go and check if it needs some attention


We inherited a tangled mess of wisteria on our allotment by the shed. Is there any saving it by pruning it back? It has never flowered but is abundant with lovely leaves each year.


Give  it a really hard prune back to the main stems. Next year it will grow new shoots. Cut these back by two thirds in August, and back to 3 buds  the following March. Then if it doesn't flower, dig it up and chuck it out.

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