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I see far less bumble bees these days it seems! Only a few visit my late opening roses and fushia flowers and just watching them flit between them is fascinating and deeply calming!
I love bees, and they never seem bothered by me doing my job. As I'm deadheading, I've had several on my hands, just preening themselves, before launching back into the nearest flower. So long as you move slowly and carefully, you shouldn't have a problem with them. They love daisy type flowers, easier to land on and pillage, I guess.
Am looking forward to be able to identify the bees in our garden
This year I have had many bees around my plants If you want to attract any bees then buy the big bug mega mix from tesco. It reall brightens up my garden


i never knew bumblebees didnt fly in the rain, i suppose it was obvious? i certainly have never seen a bee flying in rain! i think much of the bee population probably died in the summer of 2008 when in most parts of uk it rained for weeks on end! poor things!
why are bumblebees in my vegetable seedlings and there are no flowers on them yet

reeree: A Bumblebee usually finds flowers by serendipity and will report back to her nest with directions if its a particularly good patch of something. (only late summer bumblebees are male drones)

Flowers use colour, scent, huge petals, perfume or other alluring methods to attract insects. There is an Iris flower that even mimics the look and markings of a female bee to get the males to land on it!

So your Bumblebee probably knows there should be flowers on your veg patch and was having a good look around to find them

Brilliant bee pictures! I've enjoyed reading about the different types.

"The herbs for wildlife" article also identifies plants such as lavender, sage and thyme which attract bees. (Very useful to the gardener as well as the bee if you grow a range of herbs, fruit and vegetables).
I have bees nest in my herb window box,i love seeing them come and go.
Geoffrey BH
I do wish they could have been printed on one page.
My bees love my cotoneaster but I don't often see this on the list of plants to attract bees. Why is this?

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