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Thank you for all the bug box info and bee hotel I have been looking for projects like this
i have been every were to find projects for my grand children, and here you are. fantastic. thank you.
Will definitely be making a few of these!
iv had a allotment for 3 years now put a pond on it to bring in the wild life . grow every thing from flowers to fruit and veg .T he sun flowers have been out standing this year which will help to feed the birds threw the winter and last year saw lady bird larver for the first time i was so excited and this year can,t beleave how many lady birds there are . and now can,t wate for my husband to make the bug box


Hi all, ive just made one, only took me an hour and ive placed it on a pile of logs at the bottom of the garden, so now im gonna drill the logs with different
size holes its gonna be a bit like a block of appt flats.
do you need to attract bugs and bees in with pheremones of any sort or will they come in of their own accord?

I thought pheromones made cats happy  not necessarily hungry. Grow loads of lovely flowers the bee's have a ball in a wild flower cutting patch I'm not to keen on bugs though they decimate my precious plants and play havoc in the veg beds lady birds are ok class them as bee's in drag

My brother in law mentioned it and he is of scientific mind. Having researched a little it seems that they are chiefly used to attract a swarm of bees to make a home in a bee keeper's hive although there is also mention of their use extending to attract bees to help pollinate those flowers you wish to give a helping hand to - see here:

I'll give the bee hotel a go without them - I'm sure it'll 'bee' fine - just wondered if there was some unwritten common knowledge which I should be considering. Thanks for the response.

I know it might sound a silly question, but how do you cut bamboo canes without a workbench, vice and saw...I have nothing to hold them with...?

Any suggestions would be grateful



I use the loppers. A strong pair of secateurs might do it. 

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