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hello we have the dreaded knotweed growing in our garden my husband has taken to pouring boiling water on it from the kettle and it seems to be working we let it grow a bit first then just pour the water on it will keep doing it until it all goes and yes its a so and so to get rid of see round up has brought a new product out to get rid of it sorry don't know the name its tree and something but reportedly gets rid of the knotweed
Update Lots of activity here while I was away on holiday. Thanks for all the comments and information. I'll try harvesting some Fallopia for the pot next time I see it.
what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!
Thought I sold my house but the buyers mortgage was rejected by the building society because of Japanese knotweed! The experts say the mortgage companies are over reacting about the structure damage problems and sense will provail. It does not help as I want to sell the house but am too honest to sell it without disclosing the knotweed problem. Very frustrating.


I read your blog when I was in Quebec. I bookmarked your site and read your post again when I reached CA after I purchased my new ed online computer. The site is excellent and looks the best in new!
I am so disappointed as my brassicas which looked so good early in the season have been absolutely dessimated by catperillars. This is my first year of gardening in a new house and this did not happen in my old house. Can you please advise how I can over conme this problem.

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