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Yes, I've seen 2 in SE London. 1 near St John's station near Lewisham Way and the other in the Honor Oak area
I've had two sightings in my garden, yesterday and today (so maybe the same individual), also nearby in SE London, between Blythe Hill Fields and Ladywell Fields.


I saw one or possibly two Jersey Tigers in a garden near Honor Oak, SE London on Sat 9th Could this be the same as that seen by Derek I?
Just have a sighting in my garden in Exeter. Managed to get a couple of good pictures too!
just seen Jersey Tiger Moth in the garden at Watchet - Somerset - also saw one last week
Jersey Tiger Moths currently seem to be quite widespread in SE London. One seen in Crystal Palace yesterday.
Update. I've spotted several more in the garden over the last couple of months and seen them flying up and down the road. Their bright colours and day-flying behaviour made them look like painted lady butterflies at first sight.
We saw one on a dahlia flower in the gardens above the beach in lyme regis, dorset this week (aug 26th 2008). Alas I did not have my camera with me. I was amazed at the bright orange body with small black dots in a line down each side of the body.
I spotted one of these moths at rest in my garden in Forest Hill today. In flight with the bright orange red underwings it was most beautiful.
Seen several in the Brockley / Honor Oak area of Forest Hill - looks like they are thriving in SE23 ;-))
I have just seen one of these for the first time today in my garden in Forest Hill. Very startling red in flight. Not in my usually reliable guide.


We have had 3 today in our garden Brockley, SE4. Never seen one before, hence looking up online.
I'd never seen a Jersey Tiger Moth before last week, but last Saturday saw 4 in three different sightings - SE15 and SE22, 2 in the early morning, then again in the evening a short distance away, then 2 more in SE5 in the past few days. They're stunning.
My garden, first time I saw a Jersey Tiger Moth from yesterday and today. I think it was most beautiful moth! Torquay UK :-)
I have noted more Tiger Moths in my South London area this year (2009) than at any other time over the years I have ‘amateurishly’ observed butterflies and moths. Beautiful as they are they seem rather a stupid moth since when disturbed ‘they blunder about not knowing which, what, where they should be doing or going’. Having alarmed ‘a Tiger’ outside my Peckham back garden I also distubed at the same time an even more exotic flutterer which on seeing, my heart missed a beat. I could almost believe I was witnessing A Camberwell Beauty. Camberwell is just up the road from Peckham. Familiar with Admirals and Peacocks in flight it wasn’t them. It was Large and could have been a Large Tortoishell. Like the Jersey Tiger Moth it blundered about between the rear space between my house and the neighbour’s. I muttered at it as I eyed it going this-way-and-that craning and bobbing my head as if I was at a tennis match “Stay!” “Settle!” “Let me have a closer look at you!” But, it sailed over the roofs and was gone. I recall clearly the maroon underwings and clear white dots of speckling along wing edges. What On Earth Was It? Another type of Tiger? The other evening I witnessed my neighbour, but two, out my upstairs window knock a tree in his garden covered in dry ivy with a rake. Out jumped a bevy of Tigers which miandered around and then settled back again.
We recently saw lots of Jersey Tigers at the Cox's Walk entrance to Sydenham Hill Woods. They were resting on a green sign for a boot sale in Crystal Palace.