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Not since the untimely death of Geoff Hamilton have I been so saddened by the news that yet another of my gardening friends has gone. For John Cushnie, although I had never met him, was a good friend, always reliable and funny as he delivered his advice. He called a spade a spade - "It's had it. Bin it and buy another"! He had the power to amuse, to enthuse and to entertain. His so easily recognisable voice was a delight to the ears of an exiled Irish person. His many radio friends will miss him greatly. My condolences go to his family, and my thanks to John for years of enjoyment.
I was on the gardening cruise when we got left behind in Edinburgh.He was so helpful.He recommended plants for my garden and they will always remind me of John. GQT will never be the same.
I shall miss the dear man enormously when listening to GQT. He must have been a joy to be around. Warmest wishes of sympathy to his loved ones.
He made me laugh out loud with his to the point advice. I will miss him on GQT and my thoughts go out to his family.
How I will miss that lovely voice and lilt. We need characters in our lives but sadly we have lost one more. 2009 was a sad year for me and 2010 didnt start so well. My thoughts are with all his family.


I've just read the dreadful news about John. I feel so sad. He was my favourite voice on GQT. I loved hearing his voice and his craic especially. Coming from Northern Ireland myself he was always the special person on the show. Every GQT show that John was on the panel was always one of my favourites. He showed a unique passion for gardening and refused to let the joy of gardening become overcomplicated. His best lines owe that plant nothing, get rid of it (even if the poor gardener had been nursing the plant for around 15 years!) I will miss John's voice so much, he was a big part of my introduction to gardening and I am so gutted to never had the opportunity to meet. I hope his family will take some comfort knowing how fondly he was regarded. Very sad news.
I am also glad that I listened to the last programme, yes you could hear in his voice the humour,and I must addmit I sat listening with a smile on my face, John Cushnie will be sorely missed by all people that enjoy this lovely humorous light hearted programme. I hope the wit that ran through the programme will continue. we will continue to remember although he is no longer there, but in spirit he surely is.
I've just heard the sad news about John Cushnie's untimely death, and wanted to write a few lines to let his family and friends know just how special he was to this listener. It goes without saying that John's advice helped my garden, and those of countless other listeners, grow more fruitfully. But he was never just an information source: above all, John was always great company. His voice transported me straight back to the emerald fields and low skies of my Ulster childhood; and his dry wit invariably planted a smile on my face, no matter what I was doing. Sometimes, he even made me laugh so hard I'd forget what the discussion was about. I'm going to greatly miss sharing my afternoons with John Cushnie. For a wee man, he's left a gaping hole at the heart of gardening and broadcasting, one which it will be terribly hard to fill. My sincerest condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues; and my thanks to John himself, for the pleasure he gave us all over the years.
So sad but as we Irish do......we remember with huge affection the life of the person and John was a unique and special individual who actually used to make me laugh out loud as I listened to him. Brilliant, warm, wonderful human being with sparkling Irish wit. God bless his family and friends grieving at this very sad time. I shall miss him and his individuality on the programme.
I often giggled at his humour on a Friday afternoon and enjoyed it so much that I would listen again on Sunday.John had an amazing talent for giving advice with his beautiful lilting Irish accent that made me want to go and try it immediately.....I will miss him greatly and my prayers go to his family at this difficult time.
I am really sad to hear the news of the death of John, which i have only just done on the radio. His irreverent humour and high level of skill and knowledge were always welcome to me. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time. As Pippa has said, it is a time when most are recovering from Christmas and in high spirits for new year which can make it even harder to manage. God bless, Fiona
God Bless John as he goes to his idea of gardening Heaven. Hope God doesn't require him to tend the sprouts! Loved his cheery good humour,they broke the mould when he was born: there will never be another like him.
I shall miss listening to John on gqt. He saved me a lot of heart ache by saying if it doesn`t grow get rid of it. He will be sorely missed by all of us. My condolences to his family. R I P John.
We have lost our Sunday lunch companion of many years. Lunch won't be the same without his humour-(we always laughed at his dislike of veggies just as we were tucking into ours) sound common sense and endearing Irish accent. Our lives were the better for knowing him via GQT
we haveturned over a piece of our lawned garden and are thinking about making it into a vegetable patch it has recently been fed within the last six months with a granule fertilizer and weed killer is it safe to eat vegetables from an ex lawn after just digging in the old lawn thanking you


A serious but good garden expert lots of fun to listen to. I will miss his excellent advice/ bettall

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