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Just had a look at the Sticky Wicket website and the garden is unfortunately closed for the rest of 2009 and also for 2010.
i have a plant or maybe its a shrub i dont no wich but ive had it about 8yrs got it as a cutting off my next door nieghbour who does not no what it is aswell it grows off the older wooded stems it has bright orange bell shaped fowers the leaves are sticky to the touch ive never seen it in garden centres or anyone elses garden to find out what it is it started flowering in early july and is still in flower an also survived the bad winter last yr dont no how to post photo to gardener
as a novice this is great advice for interducing new plants to my garden
I am re designing our new garden & desperate for late flowering flowers so this was a great article to find. Thank you x
As usual all info is excellent & if followed we should all be able to enhance our gardens. I have a beautiful phlox which has grown too large for it's spot in the garden & would like advise on the best time to dig it up & move it please. Keep up the good work. Thanks.


Indeed Sarah... What ??
How can Pippa be contacted? She lives in Devon with heavy soil if I recall correctly I live In Cornwall w similar soil Maybe she can advise on dying issues! P

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