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Talkback: Leaf-cutter bees

Saw my first leaf-cutter only a couple of weeks ago Richard. Didn't get a chance to look at its underside... Kate

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Kate Bradbury
Saw my first leaf-cutter only a couple of weeks ago Richard. Didn't get a chance to look at its underside...

Caz W

Saw one this year making a home underneath some sempervivums in a pot next to a sheltered wall. It was fascinating to watch this little creature tunnelling under the gravel into the gritty soil.  It looked as if it was flying in on a little green magic carpet.  Kept me entertained for hours! 




I love watching Leaf Cutter bees  I always have one nesting in my greenhouse behind the wood with the plug on it and I have noticed some bees have been using my small bug box

I tried to take a photo of a leafcutter bee - if you look closely you may be able to see it

Pam LL x 

This year I have had a big problem with leaf cutter bees. They have ruined roses, Dahlias, pear, plum and the gooseberries my plants are bald totally bare of leaves. Any ideas on persuading them to move some where else. I didn't mind them last year when only a few leaves were nipped and it was fun watching them cart the leaves to the nests but this year they have taken over
A couple of years ago I had leaf-cutter bees in my back garden gate. I had never even heard of these bees and had to ask at a bee stall at the Cheshire Show. They kindly gave me much information, and I happily gave the bees a home for some time, until the gate was so rotten it had to be replaced. However, even though I hadn't seen a bee for some time, I actually kept the rotten gate very close to the new one until I was sure it was uninhabited. At the same time I had a bees nest in a bird box, very close by. It was fascinating to watch the nest grow outwards from the hole, creating a large canopy on the outside. They came and went for a couple of months, then just disappeared. After waiting, again to make sure they had left, I opened the birdbox, and the inside was a revelation. The honeycomb nest inside was a grey papery substance, with very defined chambers, and just so interesting. I gave it to a school to examine, and use perhaps in their lessons. I had another the following year in the fir tree by the kitchen door, but none so far this year,,,that I know of at least!

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