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I've always read that leggy seedlings are a result of cold temps - if yours are getting real sunlight, even shaded, that should be more than enough... I grow all my seedlings under florescent strip lights (that according to my light sensor is less intensity than Caladium need - so way less than real sunlight) and keep the garage heated, and I never get leggy seedlings...
Coffe stirers from varous branded shops make excellent dibbers for more delicate things.they also can be quickly soaked ina varnish and make top quality seed lables that dont scream out from your boarders. Tried without the varnish and they just disintergrated. the best dibber is the thin metal spatulay you used to get in scinece class, but pencils are much handier if gods own dibber (your finger)is too clumsy. Toby buckland recomended plastic byros so you could use the static to guide roots into their new home. Must addmit that an old silver teaspoon i inherited from my mum does the job perfectly, scooping out the roots with pleanty of soil.


Thank you for taking to time to prepare such an informative and enlightening post. Thanks.
I have (perhaps HAD) a old climbimg rose, reaching 18ft on east facing wall of house. There was no 'action' with flowers until 12ft up, below this was just bare stems. i decided to replace it. however Hubby then said to leave it. sadly by this time i had cut it to 3ft. there are just 6 straight stems, no side shoots or anything. will it survive? can i do anything to help it?!
I havn't sown any seeds yet, but hope to put in some broad beans and cauliflowers in pots in the greenhouse at the weekend. And look to see if any of my packets of flowers can go in yet.
I have a question if any one can help. I have a Willaims pear tree, planted it last year. At the moment it resembleas a 4ft stick with a few small branches. Do I just leave it like this for a few years? Then prune into the goblet shape when the branches eventually grow, if they do!. Will i get fruit and when?
Hello all, Unfortunitly I have leggy seedlings help!!! I have moved them closer to a window with no drafts, will this be better for them??? I was thinking I would take out the leggy ones and give them their own pot.... is this wise....some advice needed!!!also if the rain would stop we could out in the floor for our green house (not bought) we have collected double glazing glass from neighbours who have replaced their windows all we needed to buy were the stakes!! bobs your uncle!!! so please let the rain stop and the cold go away so we can get on with our gardening!!! Happy Gardening to all
can anyone tel me why all my brassica seedlings in the greenhouse are dying off- they come up fine but then the leaves shrivel up. tomatoes too are affected but not lettuces or other things. when i pull the dying seedlings out the roots have virtually dissapeared.i think it is something to do with the compost. a friend has had the same problem.
I know that Jenny's post was at while ago but just in case others are having the same problems ....... The only problems that I can think of that can affect seedlings are pests, damping off, over-watering, under-watering, windburn, too little light or sunburn. I've just sunburned one of my tomato seelings on the window sill inside the house. :-( If it is not any of the above, Then I have not a clue and maybe a wiser head could give advice! :-)
With regard to the rose, I think if you bend the stem horizontal as far as it will go without breaking it of course, you will find new vertical shoots growing which will give you flowers. As they grow you can repeat the same. Good luck

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