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Lemon verbena (Aloysia triphylla), just read blog on wonders herb, but have cut mine back in past this time of year, only for the last frost to kill them off - even tho they were in the ground and grown in pots. I now wait until they are in leaf and then cut back. are your lemon verbena under cover or outside when you cut back?
The first leaves on my lemon verbena are just coming out too in a sheltered spot, south facing, and I'm looking forward to brushing past it on my way to the garden and releasing that fabulous smell. It will be a real tonic post op as my gardening this Spring is limited to throwing annual seeds and hoping something will appear when I get out of hospital - a cup of lemon brew will go down a treat then too!
Could you please tell me where I can purchase lemon verbena I live in East Yorkshire. thanks
I'd like to know where you can buy lemon verbena leaves and where I could buy an established plant(s). I live near Southend on Sea.


I don't know if I am imagining it, but I recall my parents (Sussex) either growing it, or making a spray of it, to keep cat spray from odouring the air around the front door. What can anyone tell me, please?
I bought mine at the garden centre attached to Harlow Carr, so a trip to Harrogate may be in order, Sandra, (Never a chore). Thanks for the tip, I had no idea what to do with mine, was worried it would be like lavender and only sprout from new growth.
I have explored everywhere I can think of without success to buy a Lemon Verbena plant. I live in Nottingham. Any suggestions?
You can buy lemon verbena here
Hi Jekka, thanks for the info on lemon verbena. It's been growing in my garden for years and I've never know what to do with it. I will see if it's sprouting leaves and go and make myself a brew. I also grow lemon balm, can you do similar things with that? Thanks

I'm drinking tea made from lemon verbena I dried last year, as I read this.  The new leaves are on my verbena now so I can look forward to a continuing supply of fresh later on.  I got my plant from RHS Wisley but I'm sure Jekka's shop will have it too.  As for it deterring cats, my cat isn't phased by it but that might be because it's planted right next to catmint!

seaside oldie

My Lemon Verbena is doing very well in the greenhouse, can anyone tell me how to dry the leaves for tea and if you can make wine out of it?


Once you get a plant you can easily take some cuttings - they root quite easily

Pam x

seaside oldie, I cut sprigs from the plantt in late summer, though I made sure there were still a few leaves left behind on the parts I cut.  I tied them together with thread and  hung them up in a warm dry room.  When they looked dry and crinkly I put them in an airtight jar.  In late spring/summer I use it fresh instead, just pinching out a couple of tips whenever I want some.  I also do the same with lemon balm and mint.  

No idea on the wine though.


seaside oldie

Thanks Laurum, will try both ways, only manged to get hold of the plant last year from a nursery in Cornwall so this is the first year it will be big enough to use.  Have found a recipe for Lemon Verbena liquer but the wine recipe search is ongoing!

Shrinking Violet

Lemon Verbena makes a good substitute for lemon grass in oriental cooking.  And the leaves can also be used to flavour a blind-baked pastry shell (for lemon meringue pie) by lining the pastry case with leaves before covering with paper and baking beans.  (Remove the leaves before filling the pastry shell!)

Mine is showing a lot of new shoots, and I have two lovely plants, simply bought from a garden centre a couple of years ago.  But lemon balm - is a bit of a thug of a weed that crops up all over the place. 


Can I do any of these things with lemon balm? I have had a plant for years and just love the smell when I'm gardening near it. It does spread new seedlets all over the border if you're not careful though.

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