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Talkback: Lily beetles

I have grown Lillies for years and love them 2 yrs ago I saw orange beetles had eaten bude and holes in all the leaves ,my young neighbor ca...

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Woodgreen wonderboy

Perhaps the lily beetles living in the south of England are "softies" and didn'y enjoy the cold winter and have emigrated to warmer climes..... or froze to death

I use a small piece of bamboo cane cut just below a node and fill it with vaseline, then put a cotton wool bud in it,this acts as a little pot and I can dab the Lily beetles which stick to the cotton wool bud, before they drop into the soil, this also works to collect the maggots which hide on the underside of the leaves, then I put the cane in the soil ready for next time hope this helps.
I have just found dozens of these red beetles on my Fritillaria. there are no Lily's growing in my area so how come they come to my Fritillaria? Any suggestions would be welcome on how to get rid of them.

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