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Whilst I don't have any in my garden, I am surrounded by country hedgerows which are full of juicy blackberries (or brambles as we know them in Scotland). However, other visitors and tourists to my rural haven are also aware of this wonderful crop and always come armed with bowls and bags to pick this crop! My only gripe is will they leave me enough for my Apple and Blackberry Crumble!!
Funny but the blackberry that I bought from Crocus said it was a semi evergreen bush but from the sound of it is the same as yours. It madly trails down the fence and is a least 15 foot long with loads of fabulous tasty fruits especially this year. I tend to pick them and put them straight into the freezer unless I am going to eat them straight away.
Brambles do have a superb flavour, don't they Margaret. However, do find space for a thornless blackberry like 'Loch Ness' if you can. It's such a pleasure to pick the fruits without getting scratched, and the individual fruits are far bigger.
We went to collect blackberries from our favorite spot yesterday, only to find that the fruits were all brown and shrivelled. I have never seen this before. There was no evidence of weedkiller having been sprayed. Has anyone else come across this phenomenon?


Yes, Gary. Cut down all the canes that carried fruit this year now. This creates space to tie in the new canes produced during this year, spacing them out over the support. These will flower and fruit next year.
Me and my neighbour have only just got an allotment and we are planning on growing raspberries and blackberries any suggestions on which are best to buy and grow? Any tips welcome.
Kelly, It depends on what you are wanting. My favorites are the Lock Ness blackberry and the Triple Crown Blackberry. These are semi-trailing but will give you loads of Blackberries. They both grow fast, have very large and ecxellent berries. I do not know of any raspberries that will produce like these two blackberries. My triple crowns last year averaged 31 pounds of blackberries per plant. Loch ness 26 pounds. They are 4 year plants.
I've had a Loch Ness for 3-4 years and last year was the only time we've had more than about half a dozen fruit (no, the birds haven't had them)and there are no new canes at all for this year. Any suggestions before I just dig it up and throw it away?
I have a good crop of blackberries every year,however,this year many of the ripe berries have shriveled patches on them.
I have 2 Blackberry bushes in my garden one thornless and the other with thorns. What can I do to aid growth? These were in the garden when I moved here so I dont know how old they are. They both seem to have plenty of fruit on them.

I also have an old apple tree in the garden the fruits are small and keep falling off how can I prune it to improve the fruit?

My thornless blackberry, I am not sure of the name, is fabulous but unfortunately it fruits earlier than my cooking apples. Is there a later fruiting variety of thornless blackberry?
I know this isn't anything to do with raspberries but to do with strawberries instead, I have seperated my strawberry plants 3 weeks ago and already have started to producer fruit, is this right or should they be dying off before the weatherc gets cold?
We intend to plant Blackberry Loch Ness to grow on a North West facing wall. I feel they will be OK as we have a number of wild brambles growing just beyond our same facing boundary wall.

We will have to grow these in containers on a brick paved patio. Can anyone advise us as to a reasonable depth of compost to use.

I want to get some thornless blackberries, but I want to see if there is a type that will produce fruit this summer if I plant within the next couple of weeks


Charles, as you'll know, blackberries develop flowers and fruit on canes that developed last summer. You may be able to find container grown blackberries with a few longer canes on them, but these have usually been cut back. If this is teh case then new canes will develop this year that will carry fruits next year. I'd suggest planting new blackberries now and being patient. Visit a 'pick your own' farm this summer, and you'll have your own fruits next year.
Help! I'm in the process of developing my garden and would like some advice. I wish to plant blackberry, loganberry and ( possibly) blueberry bushes. The labels state the dimensions of the bushes are 10 feet by 8 feet. But what I would like to know is how close can I plant them to the fence? My wife believes they will grow to 8 - 10 feet deep, but I imagine that planting them 18 inch from the fence should be adequate. Any help would be graretfully appreciated.
I purchased a Loch Ness variety having tried the fruits at an RHS garden and have just got our first crop. The berries are completely different though, some flowers didn't pollinate properly and the ones that did go on to fruit have larger than average seeds in them and very thick skin, making them practically inedible - can anyone suggest what's gone wrong?!
I have a Thornless blackberry and this year have had a huge crop of fruit. Its my first time for one of these bushes, and was wondering how to look after it. could you give me some information on this Please ? Edward
I have had a thornless domestic blackberry for several years which has vigorous canes and foliage. My problem this year is that whilst I had plenty of large fruit I was only able to harvest about 50pct because the fruits would not properly ripen. Is there any measure I can take to rectify this situation, or should I dig the plant up and replace it with such as the Loch Ness? The plant is against a westerly facing tall timber fence and I live in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.