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Unfortunately the g w mag has become rather boring of late, I find the content not so good andno inspiring new ideas. Monty don is a reasona...

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Unfortunately the g w mag has become rather boring of late, I find the content not so good andno inspiring new ideas. Monty don is a reasonably nice chap but his gardenersworldshow is more about other gardens which to me is nothing but inthe side advertising for gardens you can visit.where is the inspiring idesasaBlog and we want to know how to make things and grow most people have not got big gardens and need ideas money ois all vegetables.

Once again I have to wonder why all the blogs are disappearing.

I haven't bought GW mag for over a decade because it became very samey and the subscription rate for Belgium is expensive and doesn't include the freebies available in the UK.  It's better value for me to subcribe to the RHS which gets me free access to their gardens when I'm there, free access to some good gardens here on the continent, favoured access to shows, free advice,  free seeds from the gardens and a monthly magazine.

I just subscribed this last year after a long break but I shan't renew. You do tend to get the same articles/ plants featured  each season and there is a lot of repetition for the benefit of new gardeners which is not much use for hardened oldies. Also I find their planting plans for pots etc extremely expensive and relatively pointless, as if you like gardening half the fun is in making up your own combinations according to what you have, what's available and what you can afford. I do find myself drooling over some of the photographs though.

I also subscribe to gardening Which? and find this quite helpful, with reviews of tools, plants and suppliers whch are objective and not just disguised advertising. They also seem to have a better grip on what people are able to pay for things and have features on things to make or do for yourself.

gardenning granny

There are only 12 months in the year - so after 12 copies you are back to the start again.  I haven't taken any gardening magazine for years but have a few saved copies from years ago and on the whole they are just as good as the current one....though of course the "new varieties" section must change each year.

I've just decided to taker up the 5 for a fiver offer, but suspect I will not continue after that.  I quite like to have a mag to read when |I'm on holiday!

I too used to subscribe, but lapsed as I also think its gone 'samey'.  The only garden mags I tend to read now are the English Garden and Gardens Illustrated (I get them second hand as my mum subscribes!).


Well you've pushed me in the direction of ending my subscription. As as way to fill these cold non gardening days I've been sorting through back copies of GW really intending to take them to our caravan. Well....very little reason to keep them, very light and samey, I have subscribed for many years but not really learning anything new although I do use the 2-4-1 card which saves me money.
Buttercupdays....I think I might give Which Gardening another subscription I sump scribed for years but then swapped to GW.

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