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How much Epsom Salt to how many liters of solution?
I have a plum tree which is 4 years old and I have just harvested 14lb of delicious plums, however, whilst I have been living abroad and my home has been rented out he tree hasn't been pruned and is now a very peculiar shape. All the life is on one side. How much can I cut off to make it more equal, one side is very dead and other is Ok but I need to shorten some of the branches, can I do this without killing the tree and should I leave the dead side long?
I find this page very helpful, knowing little of the nutrients I need for each plant. I'm learning but it's a slow slog. Thank you.
Why do you spray leaves with Epsom salts when they're not eaten? Why not treat the soil? Confused!

You are feeding the plant throught the leaves-it is called foliar feeding and the plant can take food through the leaves as well as via roots-clever isn't it?


Gardeners never stop learning! Real Gardeners  share tips, hints, seeds & plants, gluts of produce and make the world a very much nicer place! Long may it be so!

didnt realize, it was such a simple thing :)
hi, i have same probs...did you find out how much epsom salts to mix with water..


1 tbs/15ml of Epsom salts in one gallon/5litres of water for a foliar feed.

However, on Beechgrove this week, Jim was sprinkling a dessertspoon of the salts over the compost in the pot so it would go direct to teh roots when watered so you can choose. 

Ericaceous plants such as rhodos, azaleas, camellias, pieris etc are the ones most likely to suffer from chlorosis caused by magnesium deficiency as any alkalinity in teh soil or water will bind magnesium as well as iron and make it unavailable to their roots.



Chrissieinyeo - you need to post your question on a new thread in the fruit and veg section of the board so the plum experts see it.

Epsom salts is cheap and effective.  A neighbour had problems with her winter cherry trees and I suggested Epsom salts every year.  Not much.  I add 2 dessertspoons to 2 gallon, 10 litre watering can and water it on.  I'm going to spray my tomato plants with light dilution this weekend.....

When giving advice like this, please would GW writers specify the dosage of any additive to be used.

I think I have an apple tree  that needs this Epsom salts that your all talking about, I can't seem to find it any where though, and where would be the cheapest place to get it, the whole tree has gone brown and died, should I just pray it, or prune it right back,

thanks in advance


Pharmacies and good supermarkets in their medicines section.

However if the tree is already dead, it won't help.

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