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I completed a public engagement project last summer on a theme of maps , one aspect was to create a living map with Hulme Community Garden centre in inner city Manchester it is doing very well and growing nicely, would you like to see an image of it
Sorry this has nothing to do with the above new to gardening and i planted loads of flowers last week i watered them with a watered down plant food and now most the plants are dead. Is this because i put it on the flowers itself and will they grow back at all gutted cause i spent alot of money..It didnt affect my strawberries though thank god lol.
I too love magnolias. We visited our son in Taiwan recently and went to a temple surrounded by them. On our return I received a voucher from Gardener's World following the publication of one of my letters - what did I do I treated myself to one. It stands in our little back yard a vision of glory to brighten any dark day and lift any spirits, I just hope it lasts for many years to come. Jennifer Town
I have a Magnolia Sieboldii which, although it has the dubious honour of being the national flower of North Korea, is absolutely stunning in flower, with small, symetrical white blooms. I have yet to see one anywhere else in GB but I've only been looking for 3 seasons - since I planted mine.


We visited Caerhays Castle three weeks ago on a 'two for one' G.W. offer.One WOW factor after another- with the best at the top of the ridge on a plateau overlooking the Castle.Magnolias of every size possible-truly stunning.It puts my M Stellata(which itself was magnificent this year)into the shade.Magnolias 'fire Spring's starting gun' for us.Beautiful!!The underplantings of camelias just complete the canvas at Caerhays.
I recently went to Northern Italy, around Milan and on to Lake Garda, where the Magnolias are also magnificent. What a treat to return home to our home grown varieties and have the pleasure repeated a week or so later.
Hello, very sadly we have recently lost our baby at 21 weeks pregnant and would very much like to plant a magnolia tree in our garden to commemorate. It seems fitting the way magnoilias present their sectacular beauty for such a short period of time... just like our little baby. There are lots of fine examples of the tree in our street and so it seems the area is good for growing them. We would value advice on how best to plant, when and where to plant etc so that we give it the best chance to thrive. We would hate to do it wrong and lose the tree too. Any advice welcome...
These days plants are 'container grown' which means they are growing in a large black plastic pot of compost. Hence they can be planted anytime of the year, however if planted now they will need regular watering through the summer. Look for a sunny place where they will have room to grow, enrich the soil with compost or well rotted manure. Then all you need is the plant, some years ago I planted some M. liliflora x stellata hybrids, these are a best of both worlds, having large colourful showy flowers - yet not growing to big. They were bred in U.S National Arboretum Washington back in the 1950's and have names like Susan, Ricky, Pinky and Ann.
is it possable to plant magnolia trees in a pot? I have a really awkward garden i'm looking for plants that provide colour and camouflage. Also any ideas on plants to survive the cold and summer months. First time gardner.
Love the site, I am trying to grow sweetpeas in my greenhouse (hopeing to have them flower in time for my future wifes floral display on our wedding day), we stay in the borders (Berwick upon Tweed). Is there any way or anything i can do to help them on their way? Planted March, now in unheated greenhouse and they are 8" in size. Any help grateful.
Thank you 'hereisabee'. I will look in to that strain of magnolia, thanks for your advice.
I have several large old oak trees. recently I have noticed tiny caterpillars hanging from the branches - sometimes 20 or 30 feet above the ground on very fine silk/webs. The caterpillars are no more than one centimetre long. Are they harmful in any way to me, my dogs, the trees? Any comments gratefully received
Don't know if Im in the right place but I have been told to use a particular fertiliser by someone in the USA and cannot find one with the same content here. The products are called CALMABON and NITRO CANE PLUS. These are apparently the best fertilisers for Clivia. Anyone with any info please???
I have problems buying Cascading Dichondra for my hanging baskets...I have had to leave it out this year....seems a bit odd! I won the battle against snails eating my lupin...I had to bring into the house is now growing...pellets and egg shells never helped... I grew sweet peas in my mini green house...they died in the heat...maybe lack of water contributed..I am learning all the time....


Hi i have a Magnolia tree in my garden, it didn't flower for many yrs, however this yr I had three flowers on it. Now its flowering again, not complaining but thought they only flowered once a yr in the spring!!! I live in Kent, close to Rochester.
Have just lifted some runner bean plants, after decimation from blackfly etc, and on the roots there are loads of brown 'egg type' squeezy things attached, can anyone tell me what they are???
i bought a magnolia [susan] it appears to havesomething wrong with it . does any one no if it has or not some of the bark is missing it looks like its going with some problem to the tree it is only about 2ft high te tree seems to be healthy but i want to just check if it has or not. its not been rubbed of with any other plants
Rob try the BBC message board 'Garden Clinic' for friendly advice. Magnolias - I put this set together on Flickr recently, with text about the famous M. sprengeri 'Diva' raised at Caerhays.

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