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I saw a magpie today, swooped down and catch a live field mouse - is this normal behaviour? I also spoke to a farmer who said they're a nuisance at lambing time - as soon as the lambs are born they peck their eyes.. nasty
We have just installed a very small new pond and proudly stocked it with plants, the most expensive being a lovely water hawthorn with glossy leaves and the first few flowers. Within two days the magpies have ripped off the leaves - at first I thought they were just having a drink from the pond and then I saw what they were actually doing and shooed them off. We have temporarily solved the problem by moving the plant so that it is in the middle of the pond and all underwater but has anyone else had this experience and found a solution. We dont want to have to put a huge cage over the whole pond. That is what we have had to do with the vegetables to protect them from the pigeons.

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