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I love bats, we sit in the conservatory at night to watch the bats swooping above us. I hope i can make a good one because I will be so chuffed with myself, and hopefully it may encourage more bats in my garden. Thankyou for the tips.
do you really mean to use nails 19cms by 4 cms? Wouldn't it be easer to use smaller nails!
It seems you measure 12.5cm from the top acute angle, not the bottom one, which wastes quite a lot of wood, but gives the right size opening and a smaller box...I've made 2 boxes, both ways
You need 45 or 50mm long oval wire nails not as above; Step 3: the entrance hole needs to be 15-20mm. if you cut off 12.5cms the hole will be too big and you will then need to attach a piece of plywood to reduce the size, which is what I have had to do. If you cut less off the triangles, you will not have enough wood for the front.
On it is recommended to place batboxes due South. Other sites have similar recommendations. Are you aware of this and if so, is NE, NW and SE really better? The argument for a due South planig is that youngh bats "need warmth". The USA site even recommends painting the South facing wood in black latex.


Followed the instructions today and it was ridiculously easy to do and I found rather than measuring 12.5 it could be a little less otherwise the opening seems to large, all I did though was recess the back board in just under a centimeter to get the right size opening!

Everyone I'm sure finds their own way around it an it's great to have such simple instructions! 2 bat boxes made for half the cost of the first one we bought! And my son got to help with the nails and even the sawing so thanks very much!

We have bats in the locality and we want to site a box on a tall pine tree at the end of the garden. There is a large open field at the back and as we live on the Romney Marshes plenty of water around although we are going to site a small wildlife pond to encourage cadis, dragonfly etc.

My questions - is pine ok? does the smell put them off? the Marshes are very flat with prevailing southerly winds, does this affect the direction the box should face? could we put several boxes at differing heights and directions? is there an optimum or maximum number for one tree? would the accumulated faeces and urine from several boxes affect/kill the tree?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and advice.

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