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milk containers, the white plastic ones, can be hard to cut with regular scissors, but i have found that they cut easily enough with pinking shears to make good looking plant labels. The same 4 pint containers can be divided into 4 internal sections using cut lids from takeaway containers,,plant up sweet peas, or anything needling long root space,,when ready to plant out just use a craft type knife to cut around the bottom of each sectiona and then up the sides to allow one section to fall gently into your hand,,place the plastic with the seedling lying in it into the hole then gently pull out the plastic,, perfectly planted sweet peas with no disturbance of the roots.
I tried newspaper pots but found they went mouldy. It was difficult to keep the plants watered without the paper getting too wet. Perhaps a good dose of copper sulphate spray would help, but aren't some plants alergic to it?
I have tried to watch the 'new' Gardener's World and so far have not managed to get to the end of a programme without switching off or falling asleep. Monty is a nice bloke but the programme has become dull and not relevant to my garden or my gardening interests and experinece. With Toby Buckland there was a range of different themes and projects - the last few episodes even mentioned house plants (Streotocarpus and orchids) - AT LAST the BBC have come to their senses, I thought, and got the balance back! But it was not to be. Please find Toby another gardening programme to host. He is easily the best presenter since the great Geoff Hamilton and should not just be cast aside!
I make paper potsbut i allso use old tin cans aswell thay make good pots just put holes in the bottom of them for drange they make very good pots and they cume in diverent sizes and i use yogert pots give them a good clean and put them over your cuttings as a small green house.
Many videos on youtube showing how to make square pots from newspaper by origami(no need for any tools or formers. Just type "origami newspaper pots" into any search engine. One tip, never use glossy magazine paper, it goes slimey and causes rot, in my experience.


I can't agree more Desmond, bring back Toby and Berryfields! I liked the youtube clip, very quick and easy using a simple metal tube. Nice.

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