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Some things stay the same whatever the weather, James. I bought my Echevaria "Peacock" in flower at the Malvern Show some years ago and, true to form , it is flowering now as it has done every year since. My bearded irises are in flower now and looking beautiful, Quite a month early.
Have to confess that I haven't ever been to the Malvern Show and won't get to it this year either! I will however have to put a note n the diary for next year as it sounds interesting....
All these lovely shows and I can't go to them, have been to Hampton Court a few times but would love to go to the others, but hey! I'll watch on the TV and probably see more than if I were there, the only thing missing I don't get to meet my favourite Gardeners world presenters. I hope all goes well.
Just got back to our caravan after a lovely day at the Show, Can recommend it absolutely. As a bonus we saw Carol K, Rachel de T, Monty and Joe S. Bought lots of plants and met some charming people. Well done RHS and 3Counties Showground.
The Malvern show is the one I DO NOT MISS and prefer it to Chelsea and Hampton Court. Yes the setting is great but it is always very well laid out; plus a great range of things to see- and buy; plus the close proximity of the Car Parks makes it easy to unload the shopping and return to further stude the show without armfulls of goods; plus it has a great range of plants always in peak condition and the whole show is more down to earth than the other 2 big ones. I have bought tickets for Friday and anticipate another very enjoyable day. Definitely the show not to miss!


Well David your just trying to make the rest of us jealous, glad you enjoyed it though.
I can't visit the show, So what a disppointment the programme on Malvern. Far too many scenes of the presenters faces, and too few of plants and gardens. eg, time wasted on Mony Don's name and we didn't even get to see the plant properly
This am I watched the Malvern on Blighty and enjoyed the planting of woodland flowers etc, but missed seeing a lot of Monty, to my great disappointment.
I am crazy about gardening, growing vegetable and fruit trees. I also suggest Cleve West to do like me, U will feel better every morning.

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