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Talkback: Mice in the garden

Lovely blog post, thank you! How do you tell the difference between a field mouse and a house mouse? Will field mice breed in a house? And ...

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Short of demanding that the neighbours stop keeping chickens and rabbits and stopping feeding the birds and hedgehogs, I'm at a loss to know how I can keep the rodents out (well, the rat at least).  I do my best to clean round the bird feeders but the starlings insist on turfing out anything not to their liking, which seems to be everything but the fat pellets and the rat is as happy to be out during the day as at night.  Two doors down there's a small-holding and beyond that the open countryside, so even before the neighbours had a menagerie we had rats tramping through.  I'm not about to use poison, so any suggestions would be welcome.


if you have seen one mouse you will actually have about 20 plus running about! just had to get pest control in for aninvasion of the house! i love them in my compostheap and wood pile and the wildlife tower i have made in a dedicated wild area of my garden, but they can cause immense problems in the house if left unchecked!


They are good at clearing up seed from the bird feeder and table, but I have them half way down the garden near the wildlife wall so the field mice don't come up to the house they have all they need down and shelter and it is nice to see them cleaning up down there for me

I love wildlife n do all I can to encourage it into my small back garden. I had seen the odd mouse out there,but wasnt that bothered....until I deceided to redesign `the plot`....mice had built nests all along the fencing behind climbers, underneath the shed, underneath shrubs in the borders, in the greenhouse n worst of all in several large pots-that when emptied revealed several families living happily amongst the old compost n roots....n a mum with a baby mouse attached n feeding....I was torn (being a mum myself) between clearing the whole garden of every mouse or ignoring the `problem`.  I couldnt bring myself to even look at humane traps or boxes of I settled for cutting down, emptying and generally desecrating....with a clear conscious....sort of!!  ps guess what ive just caught sight o

Mice have eaten the sweetpea seedlings and begonias tips in the greenhouse plus the peas and beans in the raised beds. I have baited several traps but the woodmice are so light they don't get caught. This morning I managed to catch a very small woodmouse which I set free in the field behind us.It looked at me with it's big brown eyes as if to say where do I go now.I have been feeeling guilty alday in case this little mouse had a young family waiting in the nest.I can't help hoping it finds it's way home.


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