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I have found the best way to treat "Mind-your-own-business", is to pour boiling water on it. This kills the plants right down to the reasonably shallow roots. Do this in spring and Autumn, and they will never come back.
Thank you Buddy I have been wondering what to do for ages as I do not really want to use weed killer . I will certainly get the kettle going in the autumn.

Thanks, my garden is covered i it and as we don't get frosts, it never gets knocked back. I'll try boiling water

I have mind your business weed completely covering my small pond. I do not have any fish in the pond, but am reluctant to put chemicals in the water as there may be other wild life. Any suggestions?

It should simply lift out.  Is it mind your own business or Azolla?


It's called helxine.  

Just looked at Azolla on line and it could be that which is covering the pond. I do lift it out, but would like to know if there is a more permanent way to get rid of it? I assumed it was Mind your own business because that is growing very near the pond and I thought it had ' crept ' in.

please could you help me with getting rid of mind your own business by using lawn sand - i would like to know how much to use say per square yard and how long do i leave it on the plant and do i cover the plant so you cannot see it or is it enough to just spread it around - and how long do i leave lawn sand on the area that i am getting rid of mind your own business from, plus i have the m-y-o-business growing up the granite steps that i have " any suggestions with that please " i thank you so much in anticipation - kindest regards Dennis from mousehole cornwall.

Hiya Denis from Mousehole.  Just around the corner from you, st Ives bay area.

Mind your own business is easily killed with glyphosate ....except on lawns.  Is that why you asked about lawn sand?  You still have time to use glyphosate but before end of the month

nina swanson
Personally I love the plant and I dont have any but wish I could find some to put near my pond! I didnt realise it could be such a problem to get rid of.

Nina, plant it then you'll  understand why it's such a problem

I planted a few large seed trays with it one year and lined 2 hanging baskets with it and made a ball. It was very affective. In the border though it is growing inbetween shoots of other plants and not easy to spray so I have to use a hand fork. Even the bad winter didn't kill it

Ha ha! You're all going about this in the wrong way. My lawn IS myob.

It's green all year round, needs no care whatsoever, is springy and soft to sit or lie on in summer and doesnt let weeds through. Except for the occasional pesky blade of grass, which pulls out easily.

Does the boiling water kill the grass? I have loads in my lawn and I don't find it springy and soft but unsightly and when I mow the lawn the areas with the myob just become muddy looking. 

the only method I have found is to cover it completely with black plastic sheeting or

old pieces of carpet.


I could do that Katiejay but then I will definitely kill the grass so if that's the case I might as well dig it up and re-turf.

Please have patience, I am a total novice gardener with zero knowledge!
I have recently moved into a new home with my first ever garden, and this little blighter is doing my head in! Can I ask why I can't kill it off with boiling water in the summer? I've gone berserk with the weed killer and ruined my front lawn in an attempt to get rid of it, so I'll be re-turfing, but I want to ensure it's all gone before laying the new turf. I am thinking of lifting the lawn, scalding any MYOB that's left, covering the bare garden with black plastic (but for how long?), then re-turfing. Will this work?
Thanks in advance.
There's no reason to use boiling water or plastic. Complete, thorough (ie repeat applications as needed) treatment of all affected areas with glyphosate should be effective.
No Jo it doesn't flower. There are miniature thymes and mints that look similar.

the only thing that I found worked was to cover it with black plastic, I tried the boiling water method but found it was only a short lived result, it was back after a few months.I have moved into a new house and it has masses of it, I am going to cover a lot of it in black plastic in the autumn and leave it until the spring and see how much is left.  will let you know next year.