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muddy mare

You can buy traps quite cheaply and use them your self once caaught pop the mole down the hole you caught it ,DEAD OF COURSE,its decaying body will keep away others for months works for me


I was quoted £70 per mole from a mole catcher!!!!!!!!!!!

Then of course, by tomorrow another could come back. We have a trap, my dad gets it in the exact right spot and the next day its caught.

My mole(s) don't seem to mind red hot chilli pepper ... Nor do they mind the Defenders castor oil pellets.

At the moment, I'm opening up tunnels and filling them in, and because I'm working in the room overlooking the area they've invaded, as soon as I see a new heap, I go out and fill it in.

So far, there seems to be a three day lead time between this and a new mole hill, and while I'm not sure why, I'm known for my stubborn streak and willl keep at it till I'm up to lifting the huge slabs where most of the activity seems to be concentrated and getting them re-laid. Quite what I'll do if I find the nest is under there, I don't know...



I think I'll keep my moles.

I'd like to keep mine, but that area of grass (I can no longer call it 'lawn') is unsafe to walk on because of the mining by the moles and the paving is now so uneven that some of the slabs (and they are huge!) slope at about 20 degrees.



You must have got some mega moles there Barney

I bought one of the buzzing electronic devices, and two days later a molehill appeared around it! I've also tried kiddies' windmills and these don't work either. Every day two or three more hills appear - I'm scared the whole lawn will disappear into a hole in the ground! Any advice please?

A neighbour of mine has put some sticks in the ground, with upside down plastic bottles over the top of the stick, to make noises to scare off moles. Next time I see him I'll ask him if it's working.

Thanks maryplain - any further news on this?   The moles are still making 2/3 new hills each day.

We have a large field in front of our property and there are a lot of moles hills out there.  They do make runs into our garden but I send them packing with dog poo! When a new mole hill appears I make a hole into the run with a cane then collect my dogs fresh doings and pop it down into the hole then fill in the hole as much as possible. The moles soon disappear back into the field and usually stay there. This method works for me a treat for me.

Thanks, but I don't have a dog!  I suppose I could try my cats. 

When I see molehills in fields they make me smile - one little creature doing so much damage - it's audaciously cheeky.

That said, I'd be really annoyed if it happened on my lawn!

Would you believe it!  I've just called in some assistance and there has been no activity from the moles for 3 days now!  I'm keeping everything crossed that they have finished with my lawn before putting evil smelling things down their tunnels.

I have them on my allotment , live and let I say
However I press the mole hills down and I have found if there are tunnelling where you don't want them to I just keep pushing stones in the ground and they tunnel some where else
You should see my garden ! Mole hills all over the lawn. I have a half acre plot and the little blighter has pretty much made a home in most of it. Where would be the best place to put a trap. I have visions of the mole listening from one end of the garden and almost making a mockery out of what I am trying to do And what do I do with the mole once I catch it in the humane trap? How do I re-home it! Help



The moles can dig up the grass as much as they like, but the ones in my garden have ruined (killed) the Iris garden. There is nothing left, not even the £250 to replace Daphne Jacqueline Postil.

The have also destroyed the Water Meter bed and exposed the water pipes,so I have to clear out the whole area and put down wire netting and put back the soil, just so as the pipes remain hidden.

They have undermined one area of alpine plants so badly that the rocks have now sunk and in doing so exposed the roots of about £1,000 of plants.

The have now moved into the central island bed and so far all they have done is to tunnel along the edge and covered over a few thousand Scilla tubergeniana, but they will no doubt move inwards and eventually kill the trees and shrubs in there too.

And you say live and let live? Tell that to the moles.

And stones might work for others but the area of the garden they are destroying has only about 6 to 9 inches of soil above a 12 to 24 inch layer of brick rubble and house foundations. It does not stop them, but it makes finding the runs hard.

I have not even mention what they are doing to the Snowdrop Wood either.




The question of moles came up in Gardner's question time last week and Pippa Greenwod said the only time she managed to get the moles to disappear was when her children were racing around in the garden making the ground vibrate.  I have had a mole in my garden now since before Christmas and I suspect when I get out in the spring and start crashing about and cutting the grass that it will go somewhere else (I hope).

Berghill you do seem to have a problem , the only person I know who permanently stopped moles in his garden sunk slabs into the garden , like an under ground wall , then got those left inside killed , a bit drastic but ! 


Bit hard to do that round about an acre of land, surrounded by fields full of mole hills.

I agree

You have my sympathy