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We will miss you off the TV on a Friday evening, but look forward to seeing you at Gardeners' World Live 2008, at the NEC. Enjoy your garden Monty, and take a well deserved rest.
Shocked to hear about Monty's health problems, hope he makes a full and speedy recovery,will be missed a lot on Gardeners' World, but his health and family must come first.
Hope you get well soon Monty we will all miss you very much get well soon :)from Lauren aged 13
Shocking news about Monty. I throughly enjoyed watching him on Gardeners' World and I wish him well for a happy, healthy future. As for the new line-up for the programme, I think the presenters Carol Klein, Joe Swift and Alice work really well. A great team and I feel it would be a shame to change a very enjoyable watch.
I'm so sorry to hear that Monty Don has been unwell, but pleased to hear he is recovering well. He will be sorely missed as a presenter of Gardeners World, with his obvious passion for gardening. He was a pleasure and an inspiration to watch for all us amateur gardeners!


Thanks to Monty and the team I now spend every minute possible in the garden, his passion just shines for his love of the garden and gardening in general,will be sadly missed on the show but always remembered. Get well soon Monty
Sad to hear about Monty - a worthy contributor. However, the main presenter must be replaced and of course the only real contender would be Alan T!! Sorry folks, but not Carol, Rachel or Joe! Maybe Chris Beardshaw if Alan not up for it?
As a fellow stroke survivor(I had a stroke 4 years ago aged 40)I wish Monty all the best in his recovery and think he is right to slow down and take a break from gardeners world. If Monty wishes to contact me and ask anything about my stroke and my recovery I have no objection. Monty all the best
Sorry to hear that you are not well Monty. I have always watched your programs and enjoyed them very much. I have also enjoyed your tour, showing gardens in other parts of the world and how beautiful they were too. Your project with the young people was challenging and a great test of your strength. Lastly I would like to wish you and your family well.
Monty inspired to buy my first greenhouse, I am only 30 and this is my first full year with it, it will be a great shame not have the guidance of Monty on a Friday night. Hope you get back to health soon...
Monty Don was one of the main TV gardeners who fulled my passion for gardening. His easy manner and wealth of knowledge will be missed on my favourite show. Best wishes from this N.Ireland family
Sad to hear about Monty, absolutely loved his 'Around The World In 80 Gardens'. Wish him all the best for a full recovery.
Monty has been an inpsiration both through this presenting of the wonderful Gardeners' World and his books. I wish him a full and speedy recovery and hope that he is able to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with us all in the not too distant future.
Will really miss Monty on Gardeners' World, hope he makes a full recovery, and thank him for all the hard work that he has put into the program, it's funny how with each presenter we take them to our hearts as they each have that something special to give. Kay
Very sorry to see you go Monty you are a down to earth gardener it was good to see a gardener who cared so much (not like other presenters who were all show) thanks for 5 good years also get rid of that awful music go back to the old theme thanks


I am sorry to hear of Monty's health scare, and feel he will be happy to know he's so fondly thought of. I had a scare myself a few years ago, not the same but equally life changing, my garden gave me so much comfort, just to be able to sit, listen to and watch the birds,contemplate over a cuppa, gave me so much joy it was the best medicine ever, and I know Monty will be "heeled" too by his own garden. Not everyone is given such a chance. I wish him, and his family,a lovely summer in their garden.
I would love to send a card to Monty, to wish him the very best and also to tell him how much I have like millions enjoyed his programmes, there is often a little gardener within trying to find a way out there and Monty is an inspiration. The fact he was not to be seen and heard at Chelsea Flower Show, made lot of people thought something was wrong with Monty, and sure enough it was revealed in the papers yesterday.

Please please get better Monty, rest and recover, with all good wishes, and great admiration for giving us so much of your knowledge and spirit

Monty was probably the singular most important person in getting me out into my small (and I mean small) plot to plant veggies! I wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he'll be back to continue being an inspiration to future gardeners.
Monty - all the best wishes for a speedy recovery. Time to slow things down and smell the flowers! Very much look forward to seeing you on our screens again when you have made a full recovery. Best wishes for a happy healthy summer.
It would be good if you were to set up a web site so your listeners could send on their good wishes to Monty. He has dedicated so much to this country horticulturally and the fantastic work he did with the drug offenders. Mostly with little rewards or thanks he just kept plodding on. If the world was full of people like Monty it would be a better place. Sad and shocked to hear what has happened. Please pass on my regards or e.mail.