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Gardeners' World won't be the same without him, he brought such enthusiasm to the programme (along with his lovely voice!). I have met him a couple of times at GW Live and he was just as nice off screen as on, he even took the time to let my husband take a photo of him and me together. But his health and his family MUST come first. So put your feet up Monty and get well soon and I will look forward to seeing you on television again when you are better.
I would like to say how sorry i am to hear that Monty is unwell, and wish him a speedy recovery. My father suffered a stroke when he was 55 which affected his speech quite severely but over the years he has made a great improvement and he celebrates his 80th birthday in July of this year. Best wishes Denise
Hello, I don't know if this is the right place but our family send our warmest regards to Monty and his family and hope that he has a swift recovery. He will be missed. Although we don't personally know him we feel that we know all the people in the show as family. God bless
Get well soon Monty - Hope to see you on TV again soon you are an inspiration to gardeners and non gardeners alike. Who is going to take up the mantle - Chris Beardshaw, Carol Klein???
I am so sad that Monty has had to leave Gardeners' World. His approach to gardening has been most refreshing and I shall miss him. I hope his recovery continues.


Best wishes Monty, and here's to a full and speedy recovery and hope to see you back on TV very soon.
Best wishes for a full recovery Monty Don. You have given us some very interesting TV programmes together with gardening tips in various magazines and books, and you certainly deserve to take it easy for as long as it takes.
My wife and I were totally shocked to hear about Monty's decision to step down from Gardeners' World; he will be sorely missed. But, he knows that with all us gardeners behind him, some of us having to use gardening in order to keep our bodies active due to our own health problems, he will return to good health and be back on our screens. Meanwhile we will enjoy his musings through his writings - best wishes, Monty!
I was so shocked to hear of Monty having a stroke and I would like to wish him well and hope we will see him back on the TV once he feels up to it. I'm hoping he will be able to do guest slots for Gardeners' World, maybe from his home. Monty you will be much missed by all, I love your friendly down to earth style. Speedy recovery
Good Luck Monty. I wish you all the best for your retirement from the Gardeners' World program on Friday evening. Hope your health improves soon. Don't dig so hard and let somebody else do the weeding, what ever weeds there may be!
Monty I will miss you. You were great on Gardeners' World. You inspired a man who disliked gardening last year to love it. Thank you for the inspiration. The programme will not be the same without your commanding presence get well soon.
My Friday nights will not be the same, you have really inspired me to try and turn my garden into something special, a work in progress. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours
I have enjoyed Monty's time on Gardeners' World and I wish him all the very best for a speedy recovery.


I just want to wish Monty all the very best for a speedy recovery. I shall miss him very much on the gardening programme, he has helped me no end over the last 5 years, please get well soon Monty, from a more relaxed gardener.
As a relative new comer to gardening, Monty has been a true inspiration. Between him, the GW team and magazine, I am slowly learning and my garden is beginning to take shape - not to mention the allotment my husband and I have just acquired. I shall miss him dearly from my Friday evening gardening fix as I am sure many will. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he will be back soon.
When Alan Titchmarsh took over from Geoff Hamilton I wasn't sure that the programme would be the same and so too when Monty took over from Alan. Each made the programme his own. I have enjoyed watching Monty each week with his enthusiasm, and joy, always remembering the small gardener, the family gardener and the enthusiast who needs guidance. He will be sorely missed by us all and I wish him well with his recovery and look forward to seeing him again and reading his continued contributions to Gardeners World magazine. Get well soon Monty!
I first encountered Monty when art directing the Observer magazine in 2001; every week I looked forward to reading his copy and designing his pages. I found his writing absorbing and all things plants and gardening were made fascinating reading. Years later, Gardeners' World on a Friday evening became, for me, a TV 'must see'; a jewel in the generally crappy crown of television. I found Monty the most engaging and gifted of presenters, with an infectious enthusiasm and that rare ability to inspire his audience. I wish him well, and look forward to his return to my TV screen soonest.
Of all the great presenters and gardeners that have appeared on the Gardeners World series over the years, for me, no-one could replace Geoff Hamilton until Monty arrived. Now I'm miserable without his weekly visit into my living room and so look forward to having him back. Please get well very soon