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I am sorry to see Monty go, and wish him well. I hope the BBC will appoint a new presenter soon, I hope that we might get Carol Kline she has so much to offer new gardeners and established gardeners alike, her enthusiasm is so infectious she can't fail to encourage lots of new people to the wonderful world of gardening.
We would like to say firstly wish Monty Don all the very best of health and a full recovery. We wish him all the very best in what ever he does and fully understand his reasons. My dad recently dad recently had a stroke so understand what it is like. Take Care
Was really saddened to hear Monty's news and hope he makes a full recovery. Although he will be really missed from the show he is right to take the action that he is doing as his health and his family are much more important.
Well done, Monty, for making the right decision for you & your family. Health is most important. I'm sure everyone understands and wishes you all the best, as do I. Wishing you a full recovery and good health!
Monty is the inspiration for my garden and my love of gardening.... and I wish him a speedy and full recovery. Looking forward to seeing him grace our screens soon to further inspire us.XXX


Wishing you well Monty. The best presenter since Geoff Hamilton and not many are in his league - your passion always shines through. Enjoy your own garden and family for a while - you so well deserve it.
You will be sadly missed on Gardeners' World but your health and happiness must come first. Hopefully you will make a full recovery.
I loved Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh as Gardeners' World presenters but unfortunately could not warm to Monty. However I would not have wished him ill and hope he continues to recover. Please consider carefully who to choose to take over. It needs someone with much more TV personality than Monty had, and whilst Carol Klein is OK in small doses she's annoying in larger doses. Joe Swift is just boring. Chris Beardshaw and Andy Sturgeon are OK but both have slightly annoying speech habits. The only person I can think of at the moment would be Sven Wormwell. I also think the program lost something when it was taken out of the presenter's garden, although I can understand they would not want a film crew there every week.
Hello Monty, I just wanted to say how gutted I was to hear you were standing down but I fully respect your decision and wish you a very speedy return to good health and hope we see you back on tv very soon I loved the work you did with the heroin addicts with the growing out of trouble project and thoroughly enjoyed the book, I have been an addict for nearly 18 years now and have been recovering as they say for about 6 years and seeing your project really did give me inspiration, I have been a keen gardener for many years but in march 08 took on an allotment and I am in my element, I just want to thank you for all the inspiration you gave me over the years and again wish you good health.
We are devastated to hear that Monty will no longer be with Gardeners' World. We stopped watching after Geoff Hamilton died, but Monty's presentation of the programme got us interested again. Please wish him a speedy return to good health.
So sad to hear of Monty Don's stepping down. Of all the presenters, and I can remember them all, he is the most down to earth and most like us (no disrespect to the other fine presenters intended at all.) Monty emanates this sense of serenity, tranquility and sense of peace that is tangible both in his television work and in his writing, and this connects with the spiritual aspect of gardening, something that is so important to myself and I'm sure to many others. The actual physical doing things, even the most mundane and menial, can be so meaningful, theraputic and significant, and you really sense this with Monty. To me Monty is at the heart of the garden, may he make a complete, speedy recovery and be back to us very soon. With Best Wishes, Stephen Penney, Rooska, Sheep's Head, Co. Cork, Eire.
Thanks for everything Monty but you are absolutely correct in your decision. Enjoy spending more time with your family.Take good care of yourself.
I'd just like to say that Monty Don will be sadly missed by all. I wish him the quickest of recoveries and hope, some day soon, he will return to Gardeners World.
Sorry to hear about your recent health scare Monty.I dont think you will find it easy to do nothing but take care.


I just want to wish Monty well for a speedy recovery. I don't get to watch GW as often as I'd like, but am pleased to read that he will still be contributing to the magazine. Get Well Soon Monty.
A speedy recovery Monty. Just enjoy your own garden for a change.. let everyone else do the weeding!
Hey Monty,you're missed already. But it's good to hear you're back on your feet, in Hay there's a lot of us thinking of you, which is testament to your warm and natural character on screen. You've brought a whole new dimension and enthusiasm to gardening on TV. Sounds like you needed a breather, so carry on pottering and best wishes for a gentle recovery. And to Joe, Carol, Alyce and Rachel, keep it up guys you're a great team.
So sad you are leaving you are the reason i got into gardening you are a real inspiration and i thank you for the last five years
Very sad that Monty will not be doing Gardeners' World any more. I know that Monty's health is more important but we will miss him like mad and whoever replaces him is going to have a very hard act to follow; best of luck and take good care of your self Monty. Thank you for all the wonderful advice.