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It took me a long time to get used to Monty's depression conversations and musings which so coloured his early days. It distracted from his gardening. Having said that though he was very human. I hope he has a full recovery and cheers up. Time for a female lead. Carol Klein if she has stopped being so daft and earth motherly.
All the Compost Gurus love and respect Monty and wish him a speedy recovery and future good health.
Totally devastated to hear the news that Monty is leaving the show. Best wishes to him and his family.
Wow, so many people giving their best wishes! I feel any comment I make will pale into insignificance! ;-) Anyway, I would truly like to wish Monty all the best and to reiterate the fact that he will be sorely missed, not just by the Gardeners' World crew and viewers but by anyone who has watched any of his other wonderful and inspirational programmes. Good luck, Monty!


Dear Monty, We in the Wright household send our very best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.Gardeners World is a real event in our house. I always try to have a nice glass of red wine and the children listen to you and try to keep quiet while GW is on. Hope you feel tip top soon.
Monty, you've been an inspiration to me and GW won't be the same without you. I wish you a speedy recovery and my best to your family.
So you have decided to hang up your GW wellies Monty and leave us mere mortals to fend for ourselves,in our gardens and on our allotments,well you are going to be a hard act to follow and we all will miss you on a friday night,but wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see your return soon.
Oh Monty, we are all going to miss you. I remember you on Richard and Judy!!! Take Care and a huge thank you for the gardening knowledge you have passed on to us all. I love the way you always have the earth on your hands and the plants and environment always come first with you. Who on earth can follow you. Maybe it should be a team effort as it has been over the past weeks, with each member taking a turn at leading the programme. Very best wishes to you and your family
What a tough decision to take time out to get better. It can't have been easy. I will certainly miss you on Fridays however I am in awe of the integrity and total commitment to any Monty endeavour - your family must be very proud of you. You continue to give inspiration not just with gardening but with life - being able to pick yourself up and start again no matter what the problem. I wish you a speedy recovery. Best wishes.
so sad to hear about monty's ill health.i wish you good health monty,and i hope who ever takes over the reins is only a caretaker,waiting for you to come back,fully recovered.
So shocked to hear of Monty's illness, speedy recovery and best wishes to his family. Thanks very much for his knowledge and inspiration to all who watched GW. We would also like to thank Carol for her love of collecting seeds and propagating. Monty's style of gardening is in the same league as Geoff Hamilton. Please consider your choice of future presenter for GW, no showy personality. Let the plants speak for themselves and allow the novice gardeners like ourselves time to grow and mature.
I am 15yrs old and since I was little I have watched Gardeners' World. I have found that out of all of the presenters of GW, Monty Don has inspired me the most. He always has a smile on his face and always cheers me up on a Friday night. I have always loved gardening with the help of Monty.

I am sure that all of the crew at GW will feel lost without Monty, and he will be missed dearly by the people who were inspired by him at his time in GW.I hope Monty makes a quick and speedy recovery and that he takes it easy from now on. Monty your the Best!!! :D xxx Best Wishes, Emily

Hi.This is my 1st year growing toamatoes so i am looking for as much advise as i can get.can anyone tell me what is the best tomatoe food you can get and is there any other alternatives other than TOMORITE and how often do you feed toms or any other tips would be most welcome.Cheers
sorry to hear about Monty's health wishing him and his family best wishes for a speedy recovery Grace and Eddie


Thank you for inspiring us to use and make our garden the best it can be. You showed my husband that the garden isn't just for me but he now fills the greenhouse and followed what you told us each week. We both don't care that we are just into our 30ies and we just love gardener' world - tv and magazine! Thank and best of health, you and your family must come first! You leave a very good team and great people to carry on your fabulous work! Thank you again!
Great Program last night 30th May tuned in to watch when I heard a new presenter had taken over really enjoyed the new presenters fresh positive attitude like the good old Titchmarsh days have not watched the program for last five years because of its often depressing and negative style.
Hi Monty, take your illness as a warning, take your docs advice and please come come back when your fit again, your an old 'hardy perennial' and tough as old boots, see you soon.
The last thing I heard was that Monty was "going away for a couple of weeks", and after coming back from a short vacation I read this. This comes as quite a shock on a quiet Saturday morning. I am relieved that Monty is making a good recovery, but my wife and I will miss him very much. Ever since getting a house with a garden, over ten years ago, we are viewers of Gardener's World and have been very inspired by Monhty's particular encouraging way of presenting and the very practical and doable advice he gives. I do hope that Monthy realises that his influence has gone way beyond the British Isles - and hope to get maybe some glimpses of him again. Monthy, take care. All the best wishes over overseas ;-)
My husband and I were shocked and saddened to hear the news about Monty on Friday evening. We have both been inspired by his passion and enthusiasm. We wish him a speedy recovery and early return to our television screens.