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Re Friday's programme and the pond. Am I the only viewer wondering why Simon King suggests attracting Kingfishers to a pond with a colony of Great Crested Newts? Perhaps Herons would also be a useful addition?
I was so sad today when I watched GW on iplayer. Berryfields is not the same without you Monty. You answered so many questions for me and I've only just realised how much I grew to appreciate you. Thank goodness though that you decided to give yourself a break.
So sorry to hear about Monty, you will be greatly missed on a Friday night. You put so much of yourself, your knowledge and enthusiasm into all your programmes, they were thoroughly enjoyed. You are right to put yourself and your family first. Take care and I look forward to seeing you on tv again sometime in the future.
Thank you Monty for your 5 years of GW. I hope you make a speedy recovery and take your life each day as it comes,things can always be put off til tomorrow! Lol, Chil


Get well soon Monty. We will miss you, but hopefully you will return to our screens in the not too distant future. Best wishes.
Sad I won't be seeing you every Friday night Monty. We will all miss your passion and enthusiasm for gardening; it took me ages to get over the transition from Geoff Hamilton to Alan Titchmarsh, and I'd just got used to you. (and that's a real compliment!) Take a well-earned rest Monty, and we look forward to seeing you in the near future.
So sorry to hear your sad news Monty. As a nurse for 25 years, I know that time is great healer and so is being at one with nature. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Take care Monty and I wish you well. Because you got your priority right, we WILL be seeing you again in the near future.
when I was ill, I got my will to fight back by looking at one weed in the hospital garden, that managed to find its way through! Monty enjoy looking at the weeds! You will come back. Take it easy, and best wishes to all your family through this difficult time... From Sandra in belfast xoxo
I thought that no-one could replace Titch in my affections on a Friday evening but with your gentle smiling and coaxing ways I have fallen under your spell. I wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery.
Thank you Monty for being such a wonderful gardening mentor, I'm a novice gardener and you've been a very important teacher for me. I find gardening is a wonderful therapy, and I hope that you will be able to potter around your garden and relax and let it's therapeutic effects work their magic. Wishing you a full recovery, and all the best with whatever you do next.
Sat on the garden bench you sat on in Jim Thompson's garden in Bankok, what great gardens you showed us all on your world trip. I do hope to visit more of them and feel what you felt being there. miss your input, come back well.
We are pleased to hear Monty is making a good recovery and will be in expectation of his full return to health. He will be very missed as presenter of Gardeners World, to which I owe much inspiration and thanks for getting my young family and me gardening. We look forward to his return in the future.


It was really sad to see that Monty has not been well and I wish him a speedy recovery.If I had to think about a new presenter I would rather it be a newcomer, just like Monty was when he came on the programme. Alys Fowler the head gardener would be good, she really knows about gardening and would bring fresh breath of air to the programme.
Je souhaite à Monty un prompt et plein rétablissement. Sa bonne humeur et sa passion pour la nature a traversé la Manche. En espérant revoir Monty sur nos écrans dès que sa santé le permettra. En attendant nous continuerons à cultiver nos jardin en pensant à sa sagesse.
I was so sorry to hear of your illness. You must take it easy and get well in your own time so that you can return to our screens when you feel ready. The programme of your 80 gardens was magnificent but travelling can take its toll and maybe you overdid it all.Thank you for presenting Gardeners' world so interestingly and with such enthusiasm.I reiterate most of the comments above.Enjoy your rest and reflection !! All best wishes to you and your family, who,at least,might see something of you now that you are at home. Judy Price
Thank you Monty for your wonderful work on Gardeners World, for the incredible work you did with the young drug takers, for your earlier gardening programs and most of all, for your glorious program of gardens of the world. It has to be the finest, most beautiful series I have ever seen. Your OWN evident intense delight with the miraculous recycled garden in India was perhaps the most endearing moment of all for me!
We did not hear the news about your stroke, Monty, but had wondered what the problem might be when we heard you were to take some time off. We have both enjoyed watching you on our screens each Friday evening, and also the Round the World in 80 Gardens series. We hope that you have a full recovery in the not too distant future and that you will appear again on our tv screen to inspire us.Take good care of yourself and all the best of luck.J & D