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I am sad to hear that Monty is leaving Gardener's World as I really enjoyed watching him. Take care of yourself Monty and hoepfully we'll see you back soon. Slainte!
Hope you are making good progress Monty. We miss you but your health is more important than any TV programme. Loved your article in July Gardeners World. I fully appreciate the way you say the year has a certain shape. Enjoy this special time in your own garden. Hope we hear good news of your return to full health soon. Best wishes Anne
As the weeks go on we miss Monty more and more. The programme is just not the same. Monty had those indefinable gifts of endless enthusiasm and brilliant communication skills, only shown previously perhaps by the great Geoff Hamilton. It is going to be very difficult to find a successor even half as good. Get well, Monty, and hopefully you will make periodical appearances.
No, Gardeners World has lost it's anchor. Good luck to Monty and take it easy if you can. Watching the programme last Friday, a gardener called Toby Buckland (I think) seemed to have presenter quality. He was planting a small garden retreat. I must admit, I did like his manner immediately, and think he could do a good job on taking over from Monty. He seemed to have a mixture of Geoff, Alan, and Monty's charm. Any comments?
abit of bad luck monty lets hope that you get better. I hope we will see you agen on gardenersworld with toby and the gang.lots of good gardining .and get better and good luck and all the best from all of us at northwood kirkby allotments liverpool


hi there team has monty finnaly recoved yet when is rachel back on telly we had two herrans in our wooods
Miss Monty too and wish him all the best. But what has happened to Alice? I love her appearances on GW.
july4, 2009. My very best wishes to Monty and his family. I've followed you around the world by satellite and enjoyed every country you have explored. Monty, what impressed me most was your philosophical approach to all you do, both in your work in Berryfield and across the world. I sincerely hope you are now being kind to yourself and taking a well deserved rest.......You have taught me so much about gardening ... and it has been put to the test. My garden has benefited from all your advice. Please keep on being kind to yourself for all our sakes and return when you feel the urge. You are truly unique and everyone misses you. From an amateur gardener in Drenthe NL... best wishes.
Monty's health is far more important for himself and his family to risk any further problems; we will miss him like mad and whoever replaces him is going to have a very hard act to follow; best of luck Monty.
We will miss you monty.
I had little experience of gardening but learnt a great deal from you.the way you explained everything was done in such a way as even I could understand.
Thankyou Monty Don.wishing you a speedy recovery.

..not a Gardener's World fan then...?  lol...


....thought i'd just lost six years of memory 


Jane 30. Please look at the dates on the posts above you.

Mony was ill,left ,  got better  and came back.


Oh dear I think it might be another of those endless GW, MD threads



That's OK David, it will serve fine to keep the thread running


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Was gardeners world web user what everyone one was called before members had names?