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What a disaster!!!!!!!!I feel like spitting. Monty is so boring and all veg veg veg. Toby was so 'normal'and easy to listen to, not keen on watching Gardeners World anymore now.
Good news about Monty but I will miss Toby and Alys - after a dicey start with Toby being given daft things to do by a 10 year old presenter, he has made great programes this year.
What wonderful news! Although Toby & the team have done a wonderful job I have missed Monty's sharp wit & excellent presenting style. What is happening to Greenacres though?
ps I forgot to say that Alys is a much more down to earth gardener with all her hints and tips than Rachel - can't we have Alys as well rather than the Nigela of the gardening world??
Sorry, GW you've lost my vote. I shan't miss Toby and Alys as I won't be watching in future. Both Toby and Alys are knowledgeable people who have actually worked in horticulture and bring a youthful vigour to a programme that will now be going nowhere. You've bowed to the pressure of the "Daily Telegraph" Monty groupies - what a shame.


I'm sorry to hear that Toby will no longer be presenting, I liked him much better than Monty as lead presenter, so as far as I am concerned this is a step backwards. There's lots of nostalgia for previous gardens, such as Barnsdale, but that was just a field filled with 'made for TV' gardens as far as I remember, much like Greenacre.
What wonderful news to hear that Monty is well enough to return to Gardeners World. I met Monty at the Gardeners World Show in Birmingham a few years ago and he is such a lovely kind person and gives his time so generously. Welcome back Monty.
What great news to hear that Monty is returning to Gardeners World where he belongs. I can look forward to watching friday night TV again.
Hopefully Toby & Alys will join the team for special features & we'll have the best of both worlds. No "expert" knows everything & each brings their own style & personality to the programme. My family will definitely be banned from the lounge when GW comes back!
You must be barking mad getting rid of Toby and Alys Ive watched since Percy Thrower and Toby was nearly as good as Geoff.I wont be watching much with the most boring presenters EVER. That Sara Raven was also good and knew what she was talking about. Which is more than can be said of Monty don and Swift The whole point of gardening is to watch things develop sadly we will not be able to see greenacre do that ..What a waste.
Fantastic news - stopped watching with Toby and Alice, it was more like Blue Peter. Having Monty and Carol back will be so much better
I'm SO sorry that Toby is going. He was a real ray of sunshine , so normal and friendly. You felt that all he said was heartfelt and quite often, that he was having a chat with just you. He will really be missed. It's all going to be a bit solemn and heart searching now..... Monty is knowledgable and clever but not the charisma of Toby that I like. Come back, Toby !!!
Great news - Monty back at the helm. Less lifestyle and more substance and useful information. I will start watching the series again as I firmly believe Monty produces the same on-screen magic, enthusiasm and pragmatism as Geoff Hamilton ... Gardeners World could become a programme for gardeners again and I for one plan to watch it and rekindle my enthusiasm bolstered by Monty and the team.
I have really missed watching Gardeners World since Monty left and look forward to a proper gardener in a proper garden once again.


I would be interested to know what is to become of greenacers.I was looking forward to seeing the rusults.I think the new line up should have been Monty toby and are old friend Alan/T
I'm disappointed that there is no room for Alys in the new line up - it's important to have a cross-section of styles and views in the presenting team and I found her knowledgeable,practical and likeable. Overall, I think the change is positive - I personally found Toby's style charmless and patronising so pretty much stopped watching when he took over. This meant I almost missed Carol's fantastic programme on the science of plant growth. These are the kind of gardening programmes which the BBC should be making - aimed at adults with enquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge. It's a matter of taste, though, so since Toby's style seems so popular with some, why can't the BBC make a range of programmes? Two a week would hardly be overdoing it. Heads should roll over the waste of "our" money on the Greenacre site and I agree with the previous comments about the inept handling of the whole format by the Production Team. As a public body I think the BBC should explain what steps they will be taking to offset the cost of Greenacre.
I'll try again to get my comment posted, Great to hear that Monty is returning. I remember a conversation I once had with the so sadly miss Geoff Hamilton regarding the BBC's change for changes sake and how he was deluged with viewers comments on keeping a winning format going! I'm of the view that Monty's style reflects Geoff's much loved approach, hurry up Monty & of course Rachel!
Thoroughly bad news. I stopped watching GW because I thought it had become too much of a vehicle for celebrity performers to further their careers as all-round TV personalities. I started watching again with Toby Buckland because I thought him the most likeable and down-to-earth presenter since Geoff Hamilton.