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Really great to hear MD will be back in the New Year. Have missed him - he is my sort of gardener and, yes, before that Geoff Hamilton was my man!
This is the best news i have heard all year! I found Toby's approach to gardening rather boring, and the greenacre site even more so. In fact I switched off more than I switched on this year. Will be back to my friday nights guilty pleasure, Welcome back Monty, Joe Rachel and Carol,(who in my opinion should have been lead presenter last series)
Well I'm glad Monty's coming back. Rachel? don't really get it but she's photogenic. Will miss Alys's specs. Toby's on the compost heap, say goodbye to his CBeebies style of presenting and back to some grown up TV.


I`m very very pleased too hear monty is returning t G.W ,shame that we get rachel I`d much rather have Alys !
Great great news-welcome back to Monty so pleased to know he has recovered his health.He and AT have always been my favourites-I even still have the recordings of Fork to Fork which were made in his garden and house some years ago.I really will enjoy Friday evenings again I must admit my interest in the programme had waned of late. I do like Rachel but really will miss Alys I hope she will be doing some more on TV
Annette from Chessington says I cannot wait to see Monty back on Gardeners World in the Spring not only for his expertise in gardening but also his great personality. All the best Monty.
That's fantastic news! I have missed Monty's charismatic style of gardening and can't wait for the new series. Wonderful that it's comming from a real garden too. Will miss Alys but hope she will continue with her own programmes.
Great news; I will be looking forward to the new series and seeing Monty back on our screens.
I too will miss Toby, he is a great gardener for the amateur to follow. Great teacher Please give him a slot somewhere to teach the likes of me. Please not a whole season of veg. gardening.
Not happy about Toby and Alys leaving! Toby was the natural successor to Geoff Hamilton and Monty tends to make the program too posh. I find myself frustrated that he doesn't cover the basics for new gardeners and under him, GW started to spent an awful lot of time on shows like Chelsea. Most are irrelevant to most of us hard core gardeners. I know they have to have holidays but surely they could rotate presenters so that there weren't so many breaks during the growing season. Nothing is more annoying than settling down for a cosy evening with GW to find it's off for a couple of weeks!
Thank God for that - will start watching again. I watch gardeners world to learn something and that just didn't happen with the new format/presenters - welcome back Monty :)
Whilst I am so pleased that Monty Don is feeling better and able to come back it seems unfortunate to drop Toby Buckland. He has grown into the role and is far more relaxed than initially. He clearly knows what he is talking about and I enjoy his parts of the program, it is the overall pitch that is wrong and some of the other presenters. None of which is his "fault". Personally I think Carol Klein should be dropped if the program needs to drop anyone.


I'm not at all happy with the return of Monty Don, I don't like either his style nor the general content of his work. I won't be watching.
Hurrah! Will definitely return to the GW fold now. Gave up on GW when Monty left because of the ridiculous features such as the 30 minute makeover and 'what's hot and not'. Felt I was treated like an idiot. Toby seems a genuinely lovely guy but just doesn't have Monty's presence or authority. Wish him well for his future. Quite happy that Alys is going- she always seemed rather supercilious to me. I'm now really looking forward to my Friday nights with Monty again!
Haven't watched GW since Toby started presenting. If A T couldn't come back Monty Don is the best choice. Look forward to Friday nights again. Toby and his team had moved away from real gardening and into entetainment. Hurrah for the return of real gardening.
What a real shame Toby is leaving, he was so engaging, informative and fun. Sadly will be watching something else on Friday nights. Gardener’s World have you lost the plot!