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Fantastic news! I'll definitely be coming back to GW now. Hopefully it'll feel like less of a children's programme and will be cater for people with more than just a passing interest in gardening. I love Monty!!
Very happy that Monty is back! He is not as funny and witty as AT, but he is a real gardener!
AT LAST, the Beeb has taken note - huge drop in viewing figures since Toby Buckland took over - sadly he is not tele-friendly. Welcome back to the real gardeners and welcome back Monty Don.
Carol Klein would have been a better choice as main presenter.Monty was ok, i preferred Toby. Rachel, no comment,Joe Swift, not my cup of tea at all, too modernistic.However it is good news that Monty is better now.
Oh no we're losing Toby.I liked his down to earth approach to gardening which appealed to the novice gardener. please bring Toby back as a presenter in another gardening progamme!


I only started gardening in the last 2 years and GW has been a big help, especially Toby. It is a real shame that he and Alys won't be back. From what I have seen of Monty I do like his style and am looking forward to seeing him on the team. Also bring back the hour long episodes, there were far too few this year.
Overall, I'm very pleased - the A team are back! Also glad to be able to follow the routine of an existing, established garden, that I have read a lot about. However, couldn't we keep Toby and especially Alys doing the odd freelance piece from time to time. It should be possible to have our gardening cake AND eat it-shouldn't it?!
This is excellent news. There is nothing wrong with Toby & Alys's presentation but so much of the programme seemed to be looking at other gardens around the country. It will be great to have Monty in charge again with the old team; in my opinion Carol Klein is a true gardener who really knows what she is talking about and with Rachel back it will mean my husband will also want to watch the programme! My only concern is that Monty will spend too much time on vegetables. I'm sure I'm not the only viewer who doesn't grow vegetables so if it does become dominated by the veg. garden then that would stop my watching it. Otherwise, welcome home Monty and the gang.
I really liked Toby & Alys. Monty Don OK in small doses but tends to bore after a while as he is always on about the same things. Probably won't watch GW now.
welcome back monty you have been missed, i didn`t like toby buckland he insisted on speaking to you like you were a six year old that new nothing of gardening. at least monty spoke to you in a way that experienced and amateurs could understand. brilliant news monty`s back.
This is the Monty who said only last year in the telegraph 'I've had it with conventional gardening'. The Monty who would stand there at Berryfields talking about nothing in particular while doing nothing in particular, or perhaps occasionally pointing at something we saw last week in the Long Border. Tsk tsk BBC. Toby is a million times a more knowledgeable and worthy gardener
Oh no, I'm really disappointed about this news. I really like Toby Buckland as a presenter and enjoyed seeing Greenacre develop as a garden. What will happen to Greenacre now? It does seem strange to go backwards in terms of Gardeners World eras. I enjoyed the current format and seeing the presenters and "A Taste of Greenacre" at Gardeners World Live this year. It just won't be the same with the revised line up. Not looking forward to next years GW Live as much now. It seems from reading through the comments GW may have got back some old viewers with the new change, but will be loosing the newer viewers to the programme. Wouldn't it have been possible to reincorporate Monty Don, whilst also keeping Toby Buckland? I hope Toby Buckland can return to our screens somewhere else. The plant I took to this years plant swap was planted into Greenacre, I guess I won't be able to see how it turns out now will I?! :-(
So sorry to hear Monty is back, Toby Buckland is superb, so down to earth and fun to watch, just like Geoff Hamilton, a gardener's gardener. Ruined my afternoon totally, shame on you BBC, and shame on you for dumbing down most other programmes.


I didnt watch when Toby took over. Alys was OK but Monty is the best I think. So glad he has recovered his health. I hope it goes back to the original format when Monty fronted it - and people we need veg! there is such a lot to learn about growing veg much more than flowers. I own up to the fact that i am an allotmenteer - I need all the help I can get! Thanks BBC for having Monty back.
Am very sorry Toby has been dropped as he has done nothing wrong. Am not looking forward to seing Monty again as, unless you are going to suffer by double digging everything and be totally organic, he is very sanctimonious and makes you feel you are not a proper gardner. In fact, I believe he has no qualifications in this direction being totally self taught.
Having read quite a few of these comments, it seems obvious to me that BBC should have two gardening programmes in the week; one for those who like the Toby Buckland approach and one for the people like me who love Monty and his sensible, organic way of gardening. Why can't we have them both?
I too have not watched GW since Monty unfortunately had to leave. I tried to watch but the spark had gone and it was so very dull and boring. I did try! Did not really like Alys either. Really looking forward to Friday evenings with Monty, Rachel returning with Carole and Joe. Great team. Now don't change it again, unless Alan comes back for some occasional visits.
I have always followed Gardeners World since the beginning, but I shall NEVER watch it again after reading Mr Don is to replace Toby Buckland this is a disgrace and a backward step. Toby Buckland is a knowedgelable likeable man, I cannot and will not say the same for Mr Don. All the members of my local Gardening Group are of the same opinion. Yours certainly not faithfully. Colin Roberts