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What a mess!! What on earth has the bbc done now to my fave programme? it's on then its off, a new presenter who took time for us all to get used to then its off AGAIN and then to cap it all blooming Montys back!! aaaaagh Carol and Toby should run the show for my money.
It's great news to see Monty's coming back again - he's someone whos got real passion for gardening. Everytime I switched on the tv, Toby would be doing some inane activity like showing us how to use a screwdriver or other such drivel. Or what about the "wots hot wots not" nonsense? Whats not - "toby" I'm so happy I will be able to watch GW again - hopefully toby will be exiled to itv where he belongs!
Shan't watch it while Monty's on. His monotone, at times patronising delivery, sends me to sleep and i just don't get his way of gardening. I work in a garden centre/nurseries and the common feeling amongst us all is Carol yes Monty no.
I met Monty Don at the NEC a while back now & while he is a really nice bloke in the flesh, he lacks the needed for t.v. presenting thing. It's such a shame that he's back on gardeners world as he just isn't suitable. I have also met Christine Walkenden, now there's a nice lady with oodles of charisma and so easy to chat with + an inspiring & interesting gardener. I've also been lucky enough to speak to Chris Beardshaw, albeit breifly, now he has the presenting thing in buckets and really knows his gardening stuff. Similarly to Alan he knew he wanted to garden from a very young age and it's just in him you know-that passion for all things growing and it shows. I've also met & spoken with Charlie Dimmock-what a case she is, wonderful lady,knows her stuff yet sadly don't think she would be right for gardeners world. Some have it some just don't. Monty doesn't. Hope the BBC read all these feedback comments and listen to them for they do matter.
Thank goodness - at last I can go back to watching my favourite programme. I am so pleased and cheered up by the fact Monty is coming back to Gardener's World. I am a young gardener and it was Monty and the rest of his line up that inspired me and got me hooked on gardening - since Toby took over I had stopped watching as it had very little to do with gardening. Good to see this dumbed down rubbish has been axed and a proper gardening programme is returning...welcome back Monty and Carol! Maybe Toby could do a children's gardening program as it was about his level.


When are we going to get a proper gardening programme with a proper gardening frontman? It sure isn't Monty. Can't stand the man, he's too animated and pretentious. We need someone like Alan back. Carol maybe or Toby. But definitely not Monty, he really spoils the Gardeners World feeling.
Well having scanned through this blog it is pretty clear that far less people wanted Monty on. Most are really unhappy that Toby has gone so why have the BBC done this? Obviously they do not care about the viewers and decided to inflict Monty on us whether we wanted it or not. I find him as exciting as watching fish rot - well I would probably prefer to watch fish rot so I will not be watching him either. I hope I will see Toby back as Monty is the biggest turn off ever.
i hope you find your rotting fish if you put it in the ground by a rose it will give the plant some blood bone etc and have a better smell from your plant later in the year !im sure monty would agree im really pleased hes back i can get gardening again as i find after i watchted him on tv i need to go dig a hole and smell the earth and get planting
Ha! i always fall asleep when Monty's on the box gardening, must be his voice tone or somesuch, maybe that's what he should do - relaxing classes on the radio!! I certainly don't feel like digging holes and smelling the earth after watching him, as for me he, he makes me feel that if i don't plant 100% organically and do things his way only, i'm not gardening properly. He presents lecturer style which just doesn't work on television gardening. It's not a pleasurable experience watching him, you almost feel like you need to sit up straight,pay attention & take notes! Big mistake.
Toby was fine, absolutley fine. He made everything look do-able. He also came across as being In Charge without being pompous and simply very likeable. He knew what was what and was obviously a trained gardener. Someone from whom we all could learn gardening skills, in the same vein as Alan Titchmarsh & Chris Beardsaw and Geoff Hamilton. Why he was taken off Gardeners World god only knows, but i think it was a huge mistake as viewing figures will surely reflect. Maybe a new Gardeners World front man would be a good idea. An acredited gardener who we all know & like. How about Chris Beardshaw? He has been suggested a few times on this blog. He is watchable, informative, inspiring and has a good way about himself. He is a "proper" gardener and garden designer. Or maybe Carol Klein, she has temporarily fronted Gardeners World before and did a good job of it. She's another gardener who is inspiring and also well loved by the public. Whoever it ends up being, as i don't think Monty will keep the position, it has to be someone who we actually want and maybe, as has been suggested on this blog, we should be able to vote in that person. Is there someone from Gardeners World reading this blog who could action a vote maybe? I think it needs to be done.
There have been more than a few episodes which Monty fronted, where if you blinked you missed any plant/shrub/tree reference and got swamped with gooseberries,raspberries, parsnips, and the like. He does not present the all round gardening experience as it should be presented. I've held gardening workshops and lectured at colleges for 25 years now and i've never seen anything like his presentation. He is confusing to follow at times and can be contradictory, which when you consider how many people are watching to learn from this programme, is not good. I have on several occasions, spent time with students explaining that he has been wrong regarding certain things and then further time trying to explain that as he isn't actually a trained gardener, he might not get things right. Gardeners World should have a trained gardener at the helm, it shows if he/she isn't. I feel that while Monty fronts Gardeners World i should not advocate watching it as a learning vehicle, sorry but it is so.
Won'tbe watching gardeners world anymore. Monty spoils it for us. Alan is watchable for hour hour of Monty is too much. It was the same with his garden travelogue series, all that walking around with a student type bag across his back-what was that about anyway? while he pointed at things and digressed off about what i have no memory of now, i did try to keep up but it was useless. We need a gardening programme please not the Monty Don show.
Why drop Toby? He was only serving up what he was directed to surely? and when the viewers complained it was put right and was on the up. I'm sure Monty is a nice chap & things but he isn't for Gardeners World and i'm sure that from his own garden it will be no different. I will give it a try because i love the programme itself, but i don't particularly like Monty on it & can we have the old theme tune back please?
AAAAGH! Monty???? i'm done with Gardeners World. My old grandpops would have run-well hobbled-from his allotment screaming-well prob swearing actually and i'm not going to repeat what my dad said when he heard.


Toby should have been kept, along with Carol & Alys. It is shameful what has happened. Toby must feel very let down. It is very, very clear to see from all these blog comments, that Monty is not who is wanted, but are those that matter re producing etc the programme, reading and listenening i wonder?
Toby is wonderful - a gardener not a mere confused showman. I will not be watching Monty as in comparison with Toby he is way way behind in his gardening knowledge.Toby knows his stuff and is good at showing what to do Monty hasn't a clue and is muddled in his presentation. Not for me. I will stick to rerunning my old recordings from last year until they put Toby back.
Do you know after reading this blog, and the other one which is running alonside of this also on this site, i think that we may just have a Gardeners World Revolution! Well if that is what it takes, so be it. I think that the "stick to watching old recordings" as per Floras' comment Fri., 25th is an excellent idea especially as i have also kept Alan Titchmarsh, Carol Klein and Chris Beardshaw respective gardening programmes. That will do me nicely with my glass of vino to enjoy on a Friday night. Guess i'm boycotting Gardeners World oooer!! but i don't enjoy Montys style plus i don't pick up tips or learn from him, it all gets lost in his presentation. I have tried but end up just watching/looking at him, he doesn't hold my attention in a way for me to absorb anything really. I could watch Alan for hours & hours, he's like a long warm, soothing bath with candles lit - sheer bliss. Carols' style is enthusing and proves the point that you can practically garden anything on a tight budget using what you have, which is very much needed in these current financial times-love her & avidly use her tips all the time. Chris Beardshaw has taught me so,so much-right plant in right place,look at the plants already growing happily closeby,don't be afraid to experiment though-i could go on & on re his tips.Plus he is also very watchable and so inspiring & makes me feel like i can make anything happen in my very large garden. Toby was a mix of all three-the complete package i guess and yet his own person as well-a fine teacher,he actually got me interested in growing fruit & veg for the first time ever, without the overkill of Monty. See what i mean? But i honestly cannot think of one single thing to remember from Monty other than he had a habit of talking across his co-presenters at times and listening to him disagreeing on planting points with same co-presenters, well how must they have felt seeing as they were all trained gardeners & were on Gardeners World well before him? I do recall Joe Swift looking astonished once or twice on differing opinions with Monty & the beeb kept it in! Those are the things that i remember & my husband has just read this as i'm typing it & agrees with me, as although i'm the gardener ( we have 3 acres & open to the public regularly) he also likes to watch Gardeners World & while i have taken gardening courses etc & he potters,he cannot get to grips with Montys' style either & can't watch him & says he also doen't learn from him. Sorry Gardeners World you've lost us too i'm afraid +_+
Have just read Monty Don's article about his garden in the new magazine which has only confirmed my belief that his style of gardening is not for me, and his return to GW a literal turn off. What kind of message for these straightened times is buying over 1,400 trees for £1000! (Especially when his 'budget' was £200) Sorry Monty but lots of us struggle sometimes to find £20, out of our limited budgets, to spend on our gardens. Toby's approach was so much more down to earth and he was a true successor to the late great Geoff Hamilton. On a positive note I shall be saving the money I spend on the magazine....
just finished reading an article by Monty Don. one comment sums the man up "of course i missed doing the show (GW)but i wouldn`t have returned to it unless it was from this garden (his own in Herefordshire) i`m a much tougher negotiator since the stroke.i won`t do that half-measure thing,where you just get half of what you want." so we are going back to the Monty Don show that was completely dominated by him when he last presented GW. why are the BBC employing other presenters on GW? the "great man???" may as well present it on his own, as no one else can match his expertise or knowledge (so he thinks). will the BBC take note of the many comments made on this blog??? don`t hold your breath!! another lost GW viewer.