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Fantastic news! Can't wait to have Monty and team back. Bit of a shame for Alice but her solo programmes were good so I'm sure we'll see her again. Friday nights will rule my week once again. Well done BBC for finally seeing sense.
Rather mixed feelings: it's good to have Monty back, of course, but it does seem unfair to Toby; his second series was so much better than the first, once he dropped the gimmicks-but they were surely the producer's idea?
great news,and actually i hope it is back to veg veg veg with monty!cant wait for the new season,and agreed it would be better if chris beardshaw could co present or even toby instead of rachell?
Not happy about montys return ,would rarther have Toby and alys dont know if I will watch again
I'd rather see Carol Klein as the main presenter and am very disappointed to see Rachel back. She seemed to be there more for looks than horticultural knowledge. Couldn't we have kept Alys instead?


At last we can get back to normality with a true man of the soil , and lets have the original theme tune to gardeners world back on our tv screens BBC PLEASE TAKE NOTE!
I shall not be watching any longer. Toby Buckland was a breath of fresh air and attracted new people to gardening. Monty was yesterday and should not be allowed to return !
great news, no longer shall true gardeners have to suffer that awful man, welcome back Monty
I was really disappointed to hear that Toby Buckland and Alys Fowler have been 'replaced' by Monty Don & Rachel De Thame. Now let's think about who presided over the original decline of GW, ah yes - Gill Tierney (Executive Producer), Monty Don, Joe Swift and the pouting Rachel De Thame? Methinks the BBC have looked for a scapegoat, rather than dealing with the real culprits.
No! Monty has nothing in common with me and my little garden. I've no greenhouse or long borders. I need Tony & Co. will not be watching.
cant believe the bbc has dropped toby and alys great tips from people who care i for one do not wished to be preached at by mr don toby and alys are real gardeners for real people will we see the fruits of there labours at greenacres or is that to much to asks
Sorry to hear of your departure Toby & Alys!. Whilst your approach was different to those who went before you, we think it was very much needed, particularly if you look at the average age of the local horticultural societies!. We very much enjoyed your way of doing things and hope another channel is more forward thinking than the Beeb!.
I am sorry for Toby as he was doing a good job - let down by the overall recent BBC production team I would say. Joe and Rachel de T we could do with less of on what are supposed to be informative TV gardening programmes, stick with the daytime TV slots guys - sorry!
I'm not happy about Monty Don's return. I stopped watching when he started years ago and only watched again after he left. Watching a few old shows on Blighty recently have reminded how annoying he can be. Fine to accompany you walking around a stately home maybe, but not showing me how to grow some sweet peas. And such a shame Alys is going, she was one of my favourites. They should've kep Alys and dropped Joe, or not invited Rachel back. I'll stick to watching Beechgrove Garden on iPlayer or record GW and fast-forward through everyone apart from Carol.
I follow up my previous comment (13) by saying it becomes obvious from these comments that viewers are experienced gardeners who tend to plump for Monty's scholarly approach or enthusiasts who preferred Toby's. The thing is The Beeb should be catering for all. I'm a Freelance Gardener for a living who has watched GW since I was a child striving for more knowledge and the more you know you realise you always have more to learn! If only The Beeb would see beyond the superficial and provide Gardening programmes for all abilities and interests not just confined to half or one hour slots on a Friday evening perhaps the licence fee would be worth paying!!!


That's sort of what I said earlier in hit no. 59. Cater for both camps and give us more than one half hour programme. I'd watch both of them; Monty doing his superb best in his garden and Toby designing and doing useful projects where-ever (our garden's perhaps, like Chris Beardshaw did once, roving around, helping real people out with problems, rather than imitating the Guru Geoff Hamilton by making stage set gardens?)?
I totally agree with the last two comments.Lets not forget the diffrent needs of gardeners at all leavels.Novice or expert we all have enjoyed G.W with a presenter that has suited us best for our own leavel or intrest,veg or flower it's all good to me.I have got to say I have liked them all once I have got used to the change but A.T has been my favourite.
sorry I mean Level not leavel,spelling not good at this time of night.I think I'd better go to bed.Night.
I've read all the comment over the last couple of days and the camp seems pretty evenly split. However I haven't read one comment which wholeheartedly supports Rachel's return. I repeat my comment No1, move forward by all means. How many real working gardeners ( like myself,with over 40 years experience ) nurserymen/ women ,horticulture graduates, garden designers etc etc could bring a new approach, IF , and I repeat IF that is what is needed. Monty is a failed jewellery designer and Rachel is a former dancer/ model.
Are we all to be judged on different careers we have followed in the past? Gardeners come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. I do agree that the BBC should cater for all levels and types of gardeners. There are millions of us out there and we are hungry to extend our knowledge and exxperience of other gardens and gardeners. Lots more horticultural programmes please.