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I would join any camapaing to get Toby and Alys back. They were brilliant. I am incredibly dismayed at the change, I am totally baffled at peoples response - when I realised the line up was altered and came on line to find out I simply could not belive what I was reading.!/pages/BBC-You-are-wrong-to-dump-Toby-and-Alys-from-Gardeners-World/141875482537930 This might be of interest to those who want Toby & Alys back.
I love gardener's World and missed most of last years show not because of the new presenter Toby but just not had the time. Welcome back Monty Don. Richard Hill, Edinburgh
How great it is to have Monty back! I had always been a fan of Garders World,but over the last couple of years, I was dissapointed in the format. When I knew Monty was comming back, I decided to give it another try, and wasent dissapointed, it was like a breath of fresh air. I will be watching from now on. Well done Monty.
I am not watching this programme anymore - Toby Buckland was excellent, excellent presenter, teacher and gardener. Can't stand Monty and others.


About time! I haven't been able to watch Toby Buckland - it was more like watching Playschool or Blue Peter. Brilliant move BBC
Friday's Gardener's World was so dull that I almost lost the will to live. I even found Carol's bit boring & I usually like her. As for that poor rose bush, well! Surely there should be a law against ill treating plants like that? And what on earth was all that about with Joe & Rachael? Do us a favour Aunty Beeb, give us back Greenacres & Toby & Alys & a return to REAL gardening. (Keep Monty's dog, though. I like him).
This is the coolest idea!!!! my choice for a gardeners world gardener is: Carol and Toby together. Do hope this works-something has to that's for sure. Our programme so therefore our choice, come on viewers VOTE/CHOOSE.
I have 25 years experience of running a horticultural nursery and certainly would not employ monty don. I don't believe he has much correct knowledge about gardening. He is also a boring, arrogant and smug presenter. Alys Fowler was excellent and abreath of young fresh air. Toby was very knowledgeable and was settling in well. Shame that they have been booted into touch. Thankfully Carol remains.


Nothing against Monty but we just prefer Alan and as we cannot have him here goes - we choose 1st Carol for inspiration & knowledge and making it all look do-able 2nd Toby 3rd Chris Beardshaw. xxx
I have been reading everyones comments about GW, Monty & Toby over the last few months not knowing which way to think etc.I enjoyed Monty and his approach to gardening, however when he was poorly and they changed to Toby, I felt Toby was a good choice and looked forward to watching GW.I was a bit suprised at the "new garden" but hey, it was a new beginning!I am pleased Monty is back, but why can't Toby be there too,and what will happen to Greenacre and licence payers money? Perhaps they could have alternate programs each week. I will miss Toby and can't wait to see him gardening on TV again... just about to watch GW from last Friday... it's taken me this long to be sure enough to sit down and watch it!
I've just watched The Monty Don show ( formerly Gardeners' World ) I know he said apples don't need pruning every year, but clearly his haven't been touched in many years. Can anyone tell me why anyone needs 10 pairs of secateurs?
We are so disappointed to see that Toby and Alys are not back this series. We were looking forward to seeing developments in Greenacres too. Our favourite team was Toby, Alys and Joe as they really seemed to have genuine cameraderie and a great way of presenting gardening to novices and experts alike. So disappointing to see Rachel de Thame back. The whole thing was disappointing and GW was such a lovely start to the weekend- not sure we will be watching any more. BRING BACK TOBY AND ALYS!