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I'm new to all of this debate, but I'm sad to see Toby and Alys and the new site being passsed over, as I likied seeing a new site evolve and liked some of the quirky things the site had,like the shed door handles etc. I enjoyed Monty's column for years in the Observer, but I'm not sure he's suited to TV and to be honest he now has a frailty to him on screen that is endearing, but sad to see. Gardening needs young people of Alys' age and vitality to take it forward. Surely there was scope to give Monty an established garden slot, much like Sarah Raven used to do? Tonight's show save Carol was dull. Rachel's "pitching in" slot is forced and only the photography made it worthwhile, and Monty's pruning of clapped out currants, well......
Having just looked back at the other bloggs on this site I cannot believe the support for Toby and Alys. In my humble opinion Alys had the most irritating voice ever recruited for a television role experience in the rela world of horticulture?, whilst toby seemed to be more interested in the freebies associated with stardom ie them knee high leather boots which he insisted on wearing nearly every show.
Oh dear what a boring program, just as drab as Mr Dons garden. Why does the BBC let him get away with the product placement of secateurs? At least it only lasted for 30 minutes.
What a pity to be losing Toby and Greenacre. Toby was an engaging and practical presenter and it seems a thoroughly retrograde step to be reverting to Monty who encourages over planting. Very disappointing.
I liked carols contribution, but monty no ! Monty planting a combination of acanthus large plants and root cuttings into a border is ridiculous. The root cuttings will take around 4 years to produce a similar sized flowering plant. Why prune back so severely all of the red currants at the same time . It could be 3 years before they have produced fruiting spurs with fruit. And is mildew a problem in red currants ?? Not normally. Why no soil to provide a wide range of nutrients in monty's compost mix. What is the point of planting a salad mix into the bed where you are to grow tomatoes. The salad mix willhave grown enough for cutting to begin when it will need removing for space for the tomatoes. Why not grow the salad mix in a container which can be placed outside when the greenhouse is required for tomatoes. I do not think monty has much idea about gardening. Please bring back Alan Titchmarsh or Toby Buckland and Alys Fowler all real gardening experts. Are the BBC taking note of this blog


What's happened to Greenacre and Toby? I was so looking forward to the new series of Gardeners' world in the new style with Toby and the team and was so dissapointed that it's gone back to the old boring style with Monty Don. Please bring it back to Greenacre.
WHAT NO MORE GREENACRE NO MORE TOBY so so so disappointed...Toby and Alys were brilliant. You're turning Gardeners world in posh totty r us...can't stand MD or RDT. I want to see practical presenters and young ones with new ideas....... such a bad decision :(((((
Just watched last nights show on the iplayer. I have to say, it was a much better show than last week, but I can't see what Rachel De Thame is adding to the show and Carol's bit went on far too long. Still wish Toby & Alys were prsenting it from Greenacre though - BBC please take note!
Well noted Ron - I am sure it will go on like that week on week. I watched the 1st but thought it was dreadful.I did give it a go this week but thought it was still awful so now I will be giving GW up as well. Toby was vibrant, lively and knew what he was doing. Watching this sham GW is like watching a favourite pet in decline. Why don'y the Beeb realise they have loused up and bring back Toby?
I really dislike Monty Don and his straight lines garden, it's very boring - my backgarden is the size of Alys Fowler's and I work hard to keep straight lines out of it. I liked Toby Buckland and the variety of the gardens within the set of the recent GW - very, very sad to see it go. Wish the BBC had asked us what we wanted - Monty Don last on the list.
Why cannt we have a regular 1 hour slot and get all the presenters on board. I am delighted Monty is back and love what we have seen of his garden to date. I also think Rachael should be given a chance. She cannt help being so beautiful! I just think everyone's trying a bit too hard at the moment but am certain the new line up will hit its stride in a few weeks. Regarding Toby - well I struggled with his taste and style but still admired him. and Alys. I would like an hour long GW show where Monty, can do his garden, Toby and Alys can do there garden and the others guest where appropriate.
A good point made by rustlings55 - why can't all the presenters be involved? I personally prefer Toby and Alys's advice and style of presentation, but there is a place for Monty's style of gardening too and he put much more personality into the second show. Having an hour long programme featuring all three as main presenters would ensure that everyone is happy... and ensure that the Greenacres garden paid for with our licence fee money justifies its cost.
Maybe someone might like to tell me why there is only one gardening TV show? Like many others, l flick through countless channels of rubbish only to find good old BBC2 continuing with GW. So, to satisfy people's differing opinions on what makes a good gardener/TV presenter someone should be hosting another show with another presenter? Personally, its Monty any day of the week. Spare me Alys & Toby please!
Just watched the second show of this series of GW. Still finding it very very dull. Will give it another 2 weeks then if I'm still bored stiff will stop watching. And totally agree with all those saying there is room for Monty & co & for Toby & Alys. Ok, BBC, here are some sensible options that will keep everyone happy: 1: a whole hour of GW with Monty & Toby co-presenting, (make sure Alys is included) 2: Monty & Toby present alternate weeks- Monty presents from his garden one week; Toby presents from Greenacres the next & so on. 3: two gardening programmes a week- one presentd by Toby & Alys & one presentd by Monty & co. See, BBC, it's not difficult; would keep us all happy & improve your viewing figures. SIMPLES


Fantasy Gardeners World Team- Head Gardener - Alan Titchmarsh with Carol Klein and Chris Beardshaw and Alys as the weekly feature gardener from her own garden. An hour long in length, as a 1/2 hour simply isn't long enough. Alans theme tune + pics style. That would be perfect-just perfect. I do think that we the viewers should be able to choose, i have to say. After all we fund it and watch it. Dwindling viewer figures are showing that something is seriously wrong, so why don't you listen to us please BBC & Gardeners World production team, we ARE trying to tell you what is wrong?!
Crashing & burning-fast! I have watched both G.World new episodes now and then again from recordings & oh dear-they are confusing to keep with,Monty does seem to be trying but it's not happening & now he's almost trying too hard as is Rachel. I am aware that they are pre-recorded programmes so it can't be from listening to viewer comments that the trying too hard feeling is happening so don't know what it is! I fell asleep half way through & was woken by my little girl climbing onto my knee with her fave story book-me fall asleep during gardening stuff on tele-it doesn't happen believe me! Hence i re-watched to see why i fell asleep. There's nothing there to hold your attention-nothing to inspire & Monty just mutters on with close-up shots of well placed products,don't know how the beeb gets away with that, & Rachel is- well not sure what the poor girl is actually there for. If it wasn't for Carol Klein it would be in a right state. I won't be watching it anymore as there really is no point. My students comments in my workshops are telling me the same thing-waste of time. Now the lighter evenings are about to be upon us i will stay in my shed with the radio, a cuppa & prepping for my Workshops. Shame really as i did used to get good ideas from G.World for my students, but if they have lost interest & are as confused as i am well why persevere & flog a dying horse eh? Such a shame really it is, but is is cringeworthy stuff these days.
Where is the "Spring Garden inspiration"? Where are the practical yet inspiring ideas? What has happened to the presentation? Where has the Friday Night Gardening programme "feeling" gone? Why am i bothering as the beeb/gardeners world t.v production team/person clearly isn't? Something died when Alan Titchmarsh left. Monty took over and i nearly died too trying to get into it and follow his ways. It struggled with Toby & co with the new foremat then changed direction just in time and had become a gardening programme in its own right. Shan't be watching anymore now though, the enjoyment has gone ~_~
Boring, Boring Boring... Oh how very very sad. I have watched GW since I can remember. Always loved the show. What have the BBC done? I feel so sad. Toby and Alys were the next generation gardeners and reflected modern times. They provided gardening advice for EVERYONE. People in small spaces with little garden and money. (Not those likley to be pruning fruit trees this weekend)!!! Rachels bit was nothing short of pathetic. Alys got her sleeves rolled up and got stuck in.
I agree with Lamorna (59 + 96), Toby, Alys , Monty all have good things to offer - let's have 2 programmes - I would watch both please BBC - do all us gardeners a favour