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Going back to Lord Monty Don is a retrograde step BBC. Normal people with normal gardens can't relate to him. Please put an end to our suffering and bring back Toby and Alys. Failing that everyone will soon be watching Alan T on ITV. Still, when did the BBC ever care about public opinion? After all, we just pay their wages.
Really happy Monty is back, he is my absolute favourite after Alan Titchmarsh. Welcome back Monty.
I've watched Gardeners World since early Geoff Hamilton days but the last 3 weeks I've switched over after 10 minutes. I find it elitist gardening and it doesn'r relate to anything I do. Very disappointed...
Can not believe Alys is not on the programme any more! for me,she was the only reason to watch!I have heard a rumour that Monty had a problem with her..(felt threatened)?! if this is at all true the producers have made a serious mistake - Alys has a huge fan base and we will be heard!!


Carol yes, Monty no, Rachel in moderation, please bring back Alys, Toby was quite entertaining and very knowledgable, please bring him back.I do not miss Joe very much. Montys catch crop of salads on top of a stitch of potatoes, how ridiculous. So how do you earth up and weed the potatoes?
Was this episode 4 tonight? I spent an entire winter looking forward to what became 4 disappointments. Will Greenacre ever return to television? I liked Toby (only started watching GW when he was presenting). I may stop taping this show.
Contrary to others I have now stayed awake through-out all of the current series. Something I haven't achieved for a long time. Yes this is a 'production' by a team but the face (and personality) on the screen is a very important part of the equation. So far it's a big improvement.
On this evenings Gardeners World, Monty said he had seen Red Cowslips for the first time - we have had lots of them and some good fotos from past years. We have them in the garden at the moment.
Monty " remember to always handle young plants by their leaves, never the stems" next scene he's seen holding a young grafted plant by the stem !!!
Why does the GW website allow adverts?.... we pay for the BBC so that we do not have to put up with these commercial distractions.
Monty's garden is boring and please bring back Toby. He had a very enthusiastic approach to presenting a gardening programme and with a bit of humour.
Where are Toby and Alys, bring them back.I find this "new" GW the same old thing - go to the garden centre and buy a £100 worth of plants and pop them in the long border! At least Toby and Alys came up with new ideas for everyone.
Thought the compost tea thing was interesting, but odd in that no-one at Wisley knew what was in the mixes. What else would you apply without knowing what went into it? Maybe commercial confidentiality, means they can't say, but the whole piece was a bit glib.Eg why is it better that comfrey or nettle "tea"? I googled afterwards and found loads on gardener's forums with homemade recipes for making it - with a bubble bucket thingy. And they showed you can import a 5 litre system for about $100 from the States. There's even a $35 option that requires hand stirring to work. Again something on how commercial ideas apply to small scale gardening would help GW? I think it would a fantastic opportunity for local compost providers to go into. I buy in mushroom compost and well rotted horse manure - I'd love my supplier to go into this too and deliver compost tea. We're in a recession folks, we should be thinking big!
I gave up watching Gardeners' World when Toby Buckland took over. I'm sure he's a good gardener but no charisma. Not keen on Alys either so I'm really delighted Monty is back - he's my sort of gardener! I've just been following his advice and planting out my self-seeded hellebores amongst my fritillaria.I wouldn't normally bother to comment but I feel so pleased he is back that I feel obliged to comment to redress the balance of those who dislike him and to say that I have many friends who feel the same way. Long live Monty!


Goodbye Gardeners World. I'll not be watching you again, unless, of course, Toby and Alys come back to inspire and teach me?
Well the BBC seem to be reading this blog as the product placement secateurs have been cut but unfortunately Mr Dom and his bad advice remains uncut :-( Lettuce as a catch crop on top of the potato ridge! planting a dry rootball! and the only bit of good advice he ignored in the next shot when he squashed the stem of a tomato seedling. Well done.
I am so happy to see you back ,and I am sure many dutch fans agree with me, I wish you and your team good luck and a lovely season.
Glad to see Monty back, Toby and alys should have been kept on though, and have been treated a little unfairley by the cut-throat BBC producers i always watch GW on catchup tv, and i always find myself hitting fastforward when rachael comes on, and even thogh i like her, i find myself getting a little bored on Carols travels. Also, i keep reading that gardening is the uk's no1 passtime, if this is true, why is only half an hour of the bbc,s devoted to it, GW seems to be finishing before it starts, surely it wouldnt hurt to have it on for an hour, or even 45 minutes. when you consider the amount of cookery programmes on the bbc at the minute, this surely isnt too much to ask,
Forgot to cancel the series link on sky plus so still recorded Friday's GW. As it was on the planner & it was Mother's Day sat down & watched it on Sunday. Only one thing to say "BRING BACK TOBY & ALYS!!!" Series link now cancelled.